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Recordium: Your Audio Just Got Visual

Tweet  Price: Free (for a limited time) Rating: Recordium: Written iPhone App Review Over the years, we’ve used an awful large number of recorder applications for the iPhone and iPad. That being said, we’ve never (ever) seen anything quite as good or as resourceful as Recordium from Pichak co. That’s heavy praise, but not praise […]


Keep Motivated through Inspire Me Quotes

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: Inspire Me Quotes: Written iPhone App Review Inspire Me Quotes, by Happy Planet Apps, is promised to provide users with inspirational quotes on beautifully designed backgrounds. Specifically, this app boasts of featuring motivational material from numerous sources and displaying these texts over well-designed graphics. Features: Inspire Me Quotes is an app […]


Go4Loco Brings the Fun on iOS!

Tweet  Price: $0.99 (0,89 €) Rating: Go4Loco: Written iPad App Review Do you love games like Othello, Go, or Checkers? Have you heard of Go4Loco? It’s available in the Dutch iTunes store, and also in the US iTunes Store. Brought to you by developer Ben Koster, is a new app for iOS. This interesting game app […]


Vampire Run: Sucking Blood While on the Run

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: Vampire Run: Written iPhone App Review It seems to us that there’s a genre of iPhone gaming that’s been lacking in new entries as of late. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we’re talking about that all important and most coveted field of the endless runner. You know the type: Lots of jumping […]


Cut My Apps HD – Similar to Fruit Ninja, but with a Nice Twist

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: Cut My Apps HD: Written iPad Game Review Popular games that have held their place at the top of the App Store charts are great, but sometimes we need a bit of a break from them. When new games come along that put a unique spin on old classics, I’m always […]


Sir Octopus: Down Where It’s Wetter, Here It is Better . . . The Puzzling, That Is

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: Sir Octopus: Written & Video iPad App Review As we’ve mentioned a few times here at the iPhone App Review, one of our favorite genres of all-time on the iPhone and iPad is the infamous puzzler. Yes, we absolutely hop skip and jump for anything that gives us a puzzle, a […]

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