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Build an Empire from the Ashes in Total Domination – Reborn

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: Total Domination – Reborn iPhone App Review by Massively multiplayer online real time strategy games are fun to play even if you’re not a big strategy guru. Usually the community built around a MMO game is so strong that there will be players there to help you at every turn. […]


Throw With Joe: An Addictive Game with a Purpose

Tweet  Price: $0.99 Rating: Throw With Joe iPhone App Review by We’ve seen a lot of games in our time. Some had a good concept, others had a good exterior. Some arrived on our door with a good price, and yet others arrived with phenomenal content. All of this just to say that we’ve […]


Turn Photography into a Scavenger Hunt with Tag & Flag

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: Tag & Flag iPhone App Review by Personally I love photo games. Not only do they allow for unpredictable creativity and imagination, but playing them also trains your eye to notice details in environments you’re unfamiliar with. Tag & Flag, developed by Mohammad Alothman, is a brand-new way to turn […]


My Diamonds is an Incredibly Addicting Puzzle Game for iPhone and iPad

Tweet  Price: $0.99 Rating: My Diamonds iPhone App Review by Challenging puzzle games are a blast for the whole family to play. My Diamonds, developed by Bad Monkee, is an incredibly addicting puzzle game for iPad and iPhone. If one thing is for certain, it’s that you’ll have a hard time putting your device […]


Balance Your Budget with Budget Boss

Tweet  Price: $0.99 Rating: Budget Boss iPhone App Review by Budget Boss, by Damian Toohey, is touted to be the perfect app for personal financial budgeting. Budget Boss helps users track their main areas of spending, allowing them to see areas of their lives where they could possibly save more money if they made […]


Challenge Your Mind with Takuzu

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: Takuzu iPhone App Review by Takuzu by RCI-JEUX is a number-based puzzle game app. Featuring a concept similar to that of the popular number’s game Sudoku, Takuzu is actually a game original to this app. Featuring 50 free games to get players started, Takuzu is certain to provide entertainment to […]

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