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YOGA Free: The Simplest Way to Start Stretching

TweetPrice: Free YOGA Free: iPhone App Written Review Do you like yoga? Do you wish there was a quick and convenient way to learn some, do some, and generally have fun with the field from your iPhone? If so, then you’re in luck: YOGA Free by developer Arawella Corp is perhaps one of the single […]


iDrate: Stay Hydrated, Stay Classy

TweetPrice: Free iDrate: iPhone App Written and Video Review You know, it could just be the fact that we live in the fittest state in the Nation (Go Colorado!) but we really do make an effort to stay as healthy as possible. We can’t brag about it though, as we’re hardly the only ones doing […]


UP 2012 Free: Football Celebration Meets Tiny Wings

TweetPrice: Free UP 2012 Free: iPhone App Written Review We’ve been following the European Championship with some vigor: Okay, so we’ve been watching every match with our bloody eyes glued to the tele. Either way, just because we’re excited for the upcoming finals match does not lessen the value of UP 2012 Free by developer […]


Betscores – A One Stop Shop for Sports Scores and More

TweetPrice: Free Rating: betscores: iPhone Written App Review Whether you’re a single season sports fanatic, or you are obsessed with the odds for sports of all kinds, one thing’s for sure – sports betting is serious stuff. That’s why it’s nice to see an app like betscores come across my desk. This app puts wanna […]


GolfSites: The Only Golf Companion You’ll Ever Need

TweetPrice: $24.99 GolfSites: iPhone App Written Review Do you like to golf? Do you wish you had some kind of tool that you could take with you to better track your statistics, your performance, and your overall gameplay? How about a utility that fits right onto your iPhone for safe keeping? If you answered yes […]


Curly’s Pocket Guide to Sports – Your Guide to All Things Olympic

TweetPrice: $.99 Rating: Curly’s Pocket Guide to Sports: iPhone Written App Review Just in time for this year’s Olypmics there’s Curly’s, a guide to all 72 sports appearing in this year’s games, sans jargon and illustrated in adorable card format. This app comes to us courtesy of WilsonFletcher, and it delivers a ton of information […]

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