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White Soccer is a Great Trivia Game for Sports Fans

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: White Soccer iPhone Game Review by Calling all sports buffs! Do you have extensive knowledge of your favorite teams? Are you a stat junkie? Maybe you’ve never missed a game. Well, none of that stuff will help you with this particular game. Unless, of course, you have an eye for […]


Track Your Golf Handicap with TheGrint | Golf Handicap Tracker

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: TheGrint | Golf Handicap Tracker: Written iPhone App Review TheGrint | Golf Handicap Tracker is an app designed to help golfers easily keep track of their stats and handicap. Developed by TheGrint LLC, TheGrint is a free app, but an in-app purchase to upgrade the features of the app can be […]


SpoW: Football Edition is a Must-Have for Soccer Fans

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: SpoW: Football Edition: Written iPhone App Review Listen up, sports fanatics! Are you tired of missing out on the latest football (soccer) scores? Do you wish there could be an easier way to keep track of your favorite teams and leagues? Fret no more thanks to this amazing new app. SpoW: […]


Crossfit WOD Programmer is an iPhone App for Serious Athletes

Tweet  Price: $2.99 Rating: Crossfit WOD Programmer: Video and Written iPhone App Review Nowadays it seems like exercise apps focus more on telling your friends what you’re doing instead of providing you with solid routines and pathways to achieving your fitness goals. Crossfit WOD Programmer, developed by DemonEye Integration Technologies, LLC, is a brand-new exercise […]


Pro Golf Scout–An Ideal App for the Golf Enthusiast

Tweet  Price: $4.99 Rating: Pro Golf Scout: Written iPhone App Review Pro Golf Scout by Dane Schneider is touted to be the ideal app for anyone interested in having easy access to seemingly limitless information on professional golfing statistics. Specifically speaking, this app boasts of providing its users with relevant info on over 1000 active […]


BUNT 2013: The Ultimate Card Trading App

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: BUNT 2013: Written iPhone App Review Bunt is an exclusive MLB digital card trading app available for iOS devices. The release of this app marks a new era for baseball card trading, aka going digital. This highly polished trading game offers a twist. The cards you collect can learn point every […]

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