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Family Orbit Lets Parents Create a Safe Social Network for Their Family

Tweet Family Orbit – Family Locator, Parental Control & Your Private Family Network Price: Free Rating: iPhone App Review by Parents have a ton of responsibilities, the primary one being keeping their children safe in an expansive and tech-based world. Plenty of apps and services are available to help make the task a little […]


AskMob Lets You Ask Questions and Stay Connected

Tweet AskMob – Ask Questions In Your Area, Chat and Meet People Nearby Price: Free Rating: iPhone App Review by AskMob is a very interesting social app that lets users easily find out what’s going on in their area. From browsing who’s nearby to tracking family and friends, this app will keep you connected […]


Find the Perfect Fit with Linkqlo, a Free Fashion App for iPhone

Tweet Linkqlo – Social Network of Fashion for Him and Her Price: Free Rating: iPhone App Review by Fads seemingly come and go, but fashion is something that’s always hot. Asking your friends out on shopping dates can be fun but sometimes you need fashion advice from an unbiased source. Linkqlo, just like fashion […]


Use Twinkler for Temporary Messages

Tweet Twinkler Price: Free Rating: iPhone App Review by If you’re concerned about tweets living forever, you need to try Twinkle. Twinkler gives users peace of mind knowing that comments in their Twitter feed, called “twinkles” when done using this app, will be gone in 15 minutes. Available for free, this app boasts of […]


Koosh: See an Event From All Sides

Tweet Koosh Price: Free Rating: iPhone Game Review by The world is positively awash in social media options: Everything from Tumblr to Twitter to Facebook to back again wants to be your best iPhone time waster. However, what if there were a social network that pared it all back — just a little? What if […]


Clippit is Great for Browsing and Creating GIFs of Your Favorite Shows

Tweet Clippit – Create and share TV clips of your favorite shows, sports highlights, comedy moments & more Price: Free Rating: iPhone App Review by If you’re like me, you love browsing funny GIFs instead of watching clips on YouTube or another video site. However, it can be tricky to find them in one […]

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