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APPeticiousBugs: Bug Cuisine Made Easy on the iPhone

TweetPrice: $0.99 APPeticiousBugs: iPhone App Video Review When’s the last time you thought about eating bugs? If you’re from the West, it was likely a long, long time ago, almost certainly when you were a kid—and likely then in some sort of Sandlot style scenario. However, there are certain cultures the world over that delight […]


My Takeout Menus: No More Drawer, Hello iPhone!

TweetPrice: $1.99 My Takeout Menus: iPhone App Written Review If your house is like ours, then you’ve likely got a drawer full of menus somewhere. These menus are for all the takeout locations in your area, all those little hovels and holes you frequent so often when life gets busy. If your house is even […]


Car Butler: Drive, Jeeves

TweetPrice: Free Car Butler: iPhone App Written Review Do you hate driving, especially to and from work? Do you hate running into accidents, or not knowing how the weather is along the entire course of your commute? Yeah, we do to. In fact, we hate driving so much that we decided to find a way […]


Car Butler HD: Driving Just Got a Bit Bigger

TweetPrice: Free Car Butler HD: iPad App Written Review In a previous review we took an initial look at Car Butler for the iPhone, one of the greatest ways we’ve seen yet to improve your general driving experience with nothing but your smartphone. Now, we have the pleasure of taking a second look at that […]


Scan: QR Code Scanning at its Best

TweetPrice: Free Scan: iPhone App Video Review When it comes to mobile platforms and smartphones, one of the coolest inventions of the last fifteen years is the QR code. The tiny little black and white utility has made information sharing so much easier, and has advanced everything from text communication right up to website sharing. […]


My Health Checklist 2012: The Health Manual You’ve Been Waiting For

TweetPrice: $2.99 My Health Checklist 2012: iPhone App Written Review Getting older is hard: No matter how you slice it, it’s just an uncomfortable feeling to wake up one morning with a new ailment, a new ache, or even just a new wrinkle. However, just because your body is getting a little rougher around the […]

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