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iGameHunter: Take it to the Woods, Bring it Back Home

TweetPrice: $0.99 iGameHunter: iPhone App Video Written Do you like to hunt? We mean, do you really like to hunt? Better yet, do you love hunting so much that you take your iPhone along to document every beer-chugging inch of the experience? If that made you say, “Hell yeah, I do!” then buckle up, Pilgrim: […]


oneSafe: Leave the Trappings of Modern Life at the Door

TweetPrice: $5.99 oneSafe: iPhone App Video Review No matter how you slice it, living in the modern age can be a real drag sometimes. There’s all those passwords to worry about, not to mention the endless number of late-night television advertisements to ignore. But on the subject of the former, our lives just got a […]


Alphapass: This Review is Password Protected

TweetPrice: $0.99 Alphapass: iPhone App Written Review On a daily basis, we use maybe a dozen different passwords, all with a unique function and design that can’t be mixed up with any other. To be honest, it gets maddeningly confusing, especially as with every passing year, we just keep adding new codes. Thankfully, though, we […]


OrthoCare: Them Bones, Them Bones, Them Dry Bones

TweetPrice: $14.99 OrthoCare: iPhone App Video Review Do you have bones? If you’re an human, we’re willing to bet good money you do: To our more gelatinous readers, you might want to skip this one. You see, the app we’re detailing today is called OrthoCare (Clinically Relevant Technologies) and it’s all about your bones. The […]


SpeakWithDoc Offers Friendly Medical Advice for Free

TweetPrice: Free Rating: Speak With Doc: iPhone App Written Review   Would you like to be able to speak with a physician 24/7, getting your medical questions answered as quickly as possible, all from your iOS device? You can probably guess what I will tell you next-there is an app for that! SpeakWithDoc is a […]


EasyMeasure: Good on the Job, Better in the Home

TweetPrice: Free EasyMeasure: iPhone App Video Review Believe it or not, we actually know quite a few mates in the construction business. And again—believe it or not—most of them have actually shirked traditional measuring methods for an iPhone application, reducing their workload and making quick checks far easier than they ever have been before. All […]

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