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Do It: Helpful Homework Task Manager Handy for Busy Students

TweetPrice: $1.99    Rating: 9/10    By Anna Papachristos Students have a lot on their minds these days.  With work loads and expectations increasing as the years pass, remembering project due dates and keeping assignments prioritized has become a task all on its own.  But with Do It by John Doherty, students can organize their busy lives […]


Throw Away Your Notebook – Use Your Handwriting on iPhone

TweetPrice: Free    Score: 9/10    By Nancy Jones Use Your Handwriting, designed by Gee Whiz Stuff, is a marriage of high and low tech. It provides you all the versatility of having a note pad in your pocket without taking up the extra space.  So, throw out the note pad and start having fun creating to […]


Discover: Your All-In-One File Management Application

TweetPrice: Free    Score: 9/10    By Erik Nummela Discover a new way to store, view, manage and transfer files on the iPhone. This app, developed by mAPPn, Inc. really is an all-in-one application when it comes to handling files on your mobile. Connect to Discover using a computer running on the same wireless network. Just type […]


Prioritizer Gets It All In Order

TweetPrice: $3.99    Score: 9/10    By Michelle Schusterman There are plenty of apps out there that will help you get organized, from writing your grocery list to balancing your checkbook. But not all of them will take the seemingly never-ending list of things on your “to do” list and organize them in order of importance. With […]


Organize Your Accounts With SafeWallet

TweetPrice: $5.99    Score: 8/10    By Michelle Schusterman Keeping track of different bank account and credit card information can be tough, not to mention remembering all the passwords for online accounts and memberships that seem to pop up everywhere. SafeWallet, an app created by SBSH Mobile Software, is a great way to keep all of your […]


PandoraBox – Saving you Money in the App Store

TweetPrice: Free    Score: 8/10    By Steve Greenhalgh Navigating through the App Store to find quality apps can sometimes feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Ever thought you wouldn’t mind buying a certain app if it was a bit cheaper? Ever thought you’d like to keep a list of favorite apps that […]

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