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Improve Your Journal Writing With Raconteur

TweetPrice: $2.99    Score: 10/10    By Nancy Jones Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to commit to writing in your journal every day? Do you buy beautiful journals and then forget to put pen to page? Would you love to have a journal available wherever you are?  If the answer to any of these questions […]


Stay on Top of Projects with My Measures and Dimensions

TweetPrice: $3.99    Score:  8/10    By Sarah Parker Need a handy way of tracking dimensions for your hobbies, home improvement or work projects? My Measures & Dimensions, developed by SIS Software, is a unique measurement tracking tool that anyone can use for a wide variety of projects. To begin, the user first loads a photo from […]


Organize Notes and Folders on MyDesk

TweetPrice: $0.99    Score: 9/10    By Michelle Schusterman There’s no shortage of organizational and to-do iPhone apps out there. The vast majority use some version of a list design, separating your thoughts into labeled rows and columns. While this is a great system for many users, others prefer a more visual approach. After years of managing […]


Seeing is Believing with Fusion Voicemail Plus

TweetPrice: $1.99    Score: 10/10    By Michael Essany A productivity app that truly fits the billing of its category, Fusion Voicemail Plus provides one of those services that makes it difficult to remember how we previously got by without it. As a centralized mechanism for managing multiple voicemail boxes on your cell phone, Fusion Voicemail Plus […]


Speed Reading Made Easy with QuickReader

TweetPrice: $4.99    Score: 9/10    By Michelle Schusterman Books, reports, papers, blogs, emails, tweets…with all this reading to do every day, who wouldn’t want to read faster and more efficiently? I subscribe to over 50 blogs, but checking out new posts is just a tiny fraction of my daily reading. Enter QuickReader, an app designed […]


NotifyMe – Push Event & Task Reminders to Your iPhone

TweetPrice: $3.99    Score: 10/10    By Joey Bright Have you ever forgotten to check your daily schedule or calendar and ended up missing an important event because of it? Developed by PoweryBase, NotifyMe solves that problem by using the iPhone’s push capability to remind you of events and tasks as they are due to happen. Using […]

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