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Press Release: Baby Songs for iPhone and iPad Calms and Soothes Young Ones with Classic Lullabies

Tweet FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 12, 2014 – France – Parents who are seeking a helpful app that will complement their child’s naptime ritual will be interested to learn about Baby Songs. This unique parenting tool includes many features, such as a variety of included lullabies and the ability for parents to record their own […]


Press Release: Joy Tales Books Teaches Children Important Life Lessons Through Interactive Stories

Tweet FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE February 4, 2014 – Lugano, Switzerland – Joy Tales Books is a collection of 7 original stories for children. This interactive iPhone and iPad app features professional narration, games, excellent ease-of-use and a variety of entertaining characters for children to meet. Each story in Joy Tales Books features an important life […]


Press Release: App Launch Blends Video Game Style Action with Personal Debt Reduction

Tweet FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Phoenix, AZ – January 3rd, 2014 – My Mountain of Debt is an innovative iOS app that helps consumers view and reduce their personal financial debts. Its goal is to make paying off debt visual and fun so users will be more likely to stick to their debt reduction efforts. It […]


Press Release: MEG: RVO for iOS is a New Multiplayer Real-Time Strategy Game That Simulates Remote Vehicle Operations and Tactics.

Tweet FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Vancouver, BC – November 26, 2013 – Players who are seeking a new kind of strategy game will find MEG: RVO to be an exciting and challenging game. Packed with action and requiring precise strategies and tactics, MEG: RVO will certainly keep players on their toes during every minute of gameplay. […]


Press Release: Watch Series AdBlock Video Downloader for iOS Blocks Lets Users Download Videos to Their Device While Blocking Redirects, Pop Ups, and Other Annoyances.

Tweet FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Berlin, Germany – December 2, 2013 – For users who are looking for a solution to the ever-prominent issue of advertisements and redirects while trying to watch videos on their iPhone or iPad, there’s Watch Series AdBlock Video Downloader. This free app not only blocks ads, but also simplifies the process […]


Press Release: Skyward Slots for iOS Combines Virtual Slots With Quests Achievements, and Bonuses for Truly Unique and Addicting Gameplay.

Tweet FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Dublin, Ohio – November 27, 2013 – Skyward Slots is a brand-new game that brings the fun and excitement of virtual slots to iPhone and iPad. More than just pulling a reel and hoping for a great match, this game aims to take you far beyond traditional slots to a realm […]

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