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Mobile Fotos – Flickr Browser and Uploader for iPhone

TweetPrice: $2.99    Score: 9/10    by Steve Greenhalgh Mobile Fotos – Flickr Browser & Uploader from XK72 is exactly what it says it is. I like photography, but would never pretend that I was much use with a camera, but I sure can appreciate a good photograph just like anyone else. I have a Flickr photostream […]


Interview with Sherwin Zadeh of Artamata

TweetWritten iPhone App Review The iPhone App Review recently spoke with Sherwin Zadeh, the developer from Artamata behind the new photo-manipulation app Artists Touch. He answered our questions regarding app development for the iPhone & iPod Touch. 1. How did you get into iPhone app development? In my 20 years as a developer, I haven’t […]


Microsoft Live Labs Releases First iPhone App – Seadragon Mobile

TweetWritten iPhone Photo App Review Microsoft has recently made its first foray into Apple iPhone applications with the release of Seadragon Mobile. In a most unlikely industry collaboration, the software heavyweight has produced a novel image app that is now freely available on the App Store. Seadragon Mobile allows users to view Gigapixel images right […]


SteadyCam – Say No to Blurry iPhone Pics

TweetWritten iPhone Photo App Review SteadyCam (now Darkroom) is a simple, but useful iPhone app that will help solve the constant blurry photo issue that plagues the built-in camera. SteadyCam will only snap the shutter when your hand is stable. You can press the ‘take photo’ button, but it won’t take the picture until the […]

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