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Gif Me! Camera Lets You Create Awesome GIFs in a Flash

Tweet Gif Me! Camera – Animated Gif & Moving Pictures Price: $0.99 Rating: iPhone App Review by If you’re internet savvy, you’ve undoubtedly heard of animated GIFs, or Graphics Interchange Format images. They cover a short sequence of events, usually a few seconds, and repeat endlessly. GIFs are a great way to capture a […]


Sharematic Let’s You Easily Share Photos from Events

Tweet Sharematic Price: Free Rating: iPhone App Review by Sharing photos with family, friends, and frequently the world at large, is an obsession of many people using social media. When you’re at an event, however, and there are lots of photos over a period of time it can a huge hassle keeping up with […]


nPlayer: Mild-Mannered Video Player (Secretly a Superhero)

Tweet nPlayer Price: $8.99 Rating: iPhone App Review by Almost since the iPhone first came out, one of the platform’s weakest points is actually its video support. Apple has always been known for being opinionated, and nowhere is this more apparent than with video. With lots of lockdowns on file formats, playback rates, and […]


Koosh: See an Event From All Sides

Tweet Koosh Price: Free Rating: iPhone Game Review by The world is positively awash in social media options: Everything from Tumblr to Twitter to Facebook to back again wants to be your best iPhone time waster. However, what if there were a social network that pared it all back — just a little? What if […]


BCast for iOS Lets You Broadcast Video in Real Time

Tweet Price: Free Rating: BCast iPhone App Review by Sharing live video streams seems to be all the rage these days, what with Periscope and Meerkat getting so much attention. But are there other options that may be a better fit for you? BCast is a great way to share live video broadcasts with […]


Be Rewarded for Your Photos with PIQUK

Tweet Price: Free Rating: PIQUK iPhone App Review by PIQUK is an interesting new spin on social photo sharing offering users a way to earn money from the popularity of their posted photos. Features: PIQUK, by FV Imagination, is a photo-sharing community that rewards its members for the popularity of their postings. Specifically speaking, […]

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