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Clock Weather News: One of the Best Multi-Purpose Apps Available

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: Clock Weather News: Written iPhone App Review The days of simple clocks are long gone. From fictional clocks that can force you out of bed to apps that have similar goals in mind, it’s tough to find a well-designed app that tries to serve multiple purposes. Usually these apps focus on […]


Free Photo Apps to Capture Vacation Memories Like a Pro

TweetYou’ve been planning for months for this special day and now it’s finally arrived — your annual vacation has arrived! Whether you’re headed to Europe, Thailand, to the nearest beach or to visit family out of state, there’s one thing vacations have in common: photographs. By capturing all of those special moments, it almost feels like […]


See What’s Happening Above and Below with Weather… WOW!

Tweet  Price: $1.99 Rating: Weather… WOW! + Latest News!: Written iPhone App Review When was the last time you took a few minutes to appreciate a cloudless blue sky or the calming sound of wind flowing through the trees? Even dreary rainy days have a certain feel to them. Perhaps it’s time to download a […]


Press Release: Simplee Mobile App

TweetPress Release: New Simplee Mobile App Empowers People to Manage Medical Benefits and Pay Bills Anytime, Anywhere App gives patients a trusted on-the-go way to learn what they owe and why Palo Alto, Calif. – Apr. 11, 2013 – Simplee® launched today a new mobile app so people can manage and pay all their family’s […]


Top Apps for the Frequent Flyer

TweetSmartphones and tablets are having a huge impact on how we function as a society and there is now an application for almost everything! It won’t come as a surprise that there are thousands of apps related to travelling— before, during and after your trip— that can make your travels more enjoyable and successful. Here are five […]


Stay Up To Date With Vuemix

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: Vuemix Video Browser: Written iPad App Review Like to have your news and entertainment sources readily available wherever you are? How about being able to view them in quick video clips and per your location and the latest trends? Then the Vuemix Video Browser app from developer Vuemix, Inc. is just […]

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