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SayRoom: Social Networking Just Became Vocal

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: SayRoom iPhone App Review by Have you ever wished someone could hear you actually laugh out loud? What about an audible gasp or OMG? Reactions like this have always been simple words on a screen, left to the imagination of the reader. Until now, that is. SayRoom, developed by Jovonni […]


Curl Up With Your iPad and Readr

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: Readr: Written iPad App Review Readr is an app for the iPad from Pixel Mags. The point of Readr is to provide you with a variety of magazines for you to read right from your iPad. You can think of it as Netflix for magazines in the sense that via its […]


Press Release: MotionX Announced As Top 25 All-Time Paid App for iPhone

TweetMotionX Announced As Top 25 All-Time Paid App for iPhone SANTA CRUZ, CA–(Marketwire – May 7, 2013) – As the Apple® App Store approaches 50 billion downloads, Fullpower® is proud to share that MotionX®-GPS Drive was just announced as one of the Top 25 All-Time Paid Apps for iPhone®. Important Links: App Store Top 25 All-Time Paid Apps […]


Top Ten Children’s Apps for the Summer: Keeping the Kids Entertained Has Never Been Easier

TweetIt’s the summer time, and your kids are finally out of school! Now, we know they’re pumped to be free—and we’re sure you’re quite excited to be spending a little more time with them. But that doesn’t mean some small part of your brain isn’t concerned. After all, what exactly are you going to do […]


Clock Weather News: One of the Best Multi-Purpose Apps Available

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: Clock Weather News: Written iPhone App Review The days of simple clocks are long gone. From fictional clocks that can force you out of bed to apps that have similar goals in mind, it’s tough to find a well-designed app that tries to serve multiple purposes. Usually these apps focus on […]


Free Photo Apps to Capture Vacation Memories Like a Pro

TweetYou’ve been planning for months for this special day and now it’s finally arrived — your annual vacation has arrived! Whether you’re headed to Europe, Thailand, to the nearest beach or to visit family out of state, there’s one thing vacations have in common: photographs. By capturing all of those special moments, it almost feels like […]

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