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Flitter! An Aggregator That Doesn’t Flop

TweetPrice: $1.99    Score: 8/10   By Jose Ralat Maldonado Flitter! is a news aggregator for your favorite RSS and Twitter feeds and Web sites. Unlike other oft Google Reader-specific readers, this application allows you to pull from across the Internet. Want to keep abreast of all your fanboy sites in one place? Want to follow your […]


iPhone Facebook 3.0 Brings Host of New Features

Tweet Facebook have recently submitted v3.0 of their iPhone app to Apple for approval – meaning that the new version is likely to go live very shortly. The 3.0 update will bring a whole raft of new features – a number of which have already been hinted at by Joe Hewitt, the developer behind the […]


iPhone 3G S 3D Performance Video

Tweet The guys over at Tap Tap Tap have just posted a video of an in-house 3D performance test that compares the zippy new iPhone 3G S to the standard 3G. They ran the test one of their own forthcoming apps – the graphically heavy Plasma. In terms of frame-rate, the video shows that the […]


iLounge Speed Comparison Video: iPhone 3G vs 3GS

TweetSo we’ve all seen the specs. The new iPhone 3GS (the S being for speed) is definitely faster on paper. And Apple claims the 3GS is upto “2x faster” than its predecessor in terms of loading times and app switching. But how do these claims measure up? While it’s not exactly scientific analysis per se […]


iPhone 3GS Hardware Exposed – Running Same CPU as Palm Pre

Tweet Only hours after a midnight opening at the Orange Boutique in Paris, the guys over at Rapid Repair were already taking the new iPhone 3GS to task – dismantling Apple’s newest device to get the first look at what she’s running under the hood. The chipset has been identified as the SoC (System on […]


The New Apple iPhone 3GS – Full Feature Breakdown

TweetAs was heavily predicted – Apple yesterday announced the upcoming release of the new version of the iPhone 3G at the WWDC 2009 conference. Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior VP delivered the keynote which unveiled the iPhone 3GS (the “S” we’re told, is for speed). The 3rd-generation iPhone addresses most (if not all) of the major […]

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