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Never Get Lost with MapsWithMe Pro

Tweet  Price: Free MapsWithMe Pro: Written iPhone App Review One of my biggest pet peeves with iOS devices is the inability to save maps for future reference, especially when offline. MapsWithMe Pro by developer Yury Melnichek, aims to change that. The $4.99 pro version of this app aims to free users from the tether of […]


Know Exactly Where You Are with Locate – A GPS App for Explorers

TweetPrice: $0.99 Rating: Locate – A GPS App for Explorers: Written and Video iPhone App Review Do you ever find yourself having a difficult time pinpointing exactly where you are or where that one cool place is that you stumbled upon the other day? Then the Locate – A GPS App for Explorers app from […]


MotionX GPS Drive: Get Where You’re Going (Better)

TweetPrice: $0.99 Rating: MotionX GPS Drive: Written and Video iPhone App Review We travel a lot. And when we say a lot, we really do mean it. Now, what this adds up to is that we’ve used an awful lot of sat-nav units during our days on the road. We’ve tried just about every solution […]


Taste the future with junaio Augmented Reality Browser

TweetPrice: Free Rating: junaio Augmented Reality Browser: Written iPhone App Review Metaio Inc. has released a trippy app for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad called Junaio Augmented Reality Browser! Ever get tired of seeing the same old, boring layout on your iPhone as you browse through local events in your area? Well, if you […]


Madrid: The Only Guide You’ll Need

TweetPrice: Free Madrid: iPhone App Video and Written Review Are you planning a trip to Spain’s capital in the coming future? Or, are you just curious to have a look about the local terrain, see some of the finer places to eat, or even just get a feel for what one could do in the […]


GPS everyWhere + HUD Mode: A Smarter Way to Drive

TweetPrice: $.99 Rating: GPS everyWhere + HUD Mode: iPhone Written App Review This week I had the pleasure of reviewing an app for when you hit the road from Ynfo.Apps called GPS everyWhere + HUD Mode. The app name may be a mouthful, but the result is an app that gives you a ton of […]

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