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Track Your iDevices with Locator365

Tweet  Price: $4.99 Rating: Locator365 iPhone App Review by There are plenty of occasions when consistent GPS tracking can be useful. Examples include keeping an eye on a child when they’re out and about with friends, tracking your friends on a hike, or even mapping a new running route. The trouble with most of […]


Never Forget a Place or a Face with pin!Down

Tweet  Price: $0.99 Rating: pin!Down iPhone App Review by (Promo Code Giveaway! See below for Promo Codes) Always on the run? Have a difficult time keeping track of your favorite locations and people you contact the most? Then the pin!Down app from developer Robinson Optimization Limited is just the perfect app for you! It […]


Drive Assist: The Perfect App for All Navigational Needs

Tweet  Price: $2.99 Rating: Drive Assist iPhone App Review by Drive Assist by Eugene Shvedov is an app designed to function as a universal navigational system for all iOS devices. Featuring a beautifully designed interface, Drive Assist promises to be the perfect app for combining all of your driving navigational needs. Features: Drive Assist features […]


Navigate Your Travels with PocketEarth

Tweet  Price: $2.99 Rating: PocketEarth Offline Maps & Travel Guides iPhone App Review by PocketEarth Offline Maps & Travel Guides by GeoMagik LLC is billed as the perfect app for the avid traveler. Ideal for anyone who needs to navigate new cities without using up a data plan, Pocket Earth provides iOS users with […]


Travel Wisely by Planning Ahead with Tripini

Tweet  Price: $1.99 Rating: Tripini: Written iPhone App Review When was the last time you had to search through your wallet or purse just to find your rewards membership number? Have you ever accidentally packed your wallet in your checked luggage? What about the time you went out for a long walk while on vacation […]


VZ Navigator: a Feature-Packed Navigation App from Verizon

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: VZ Navigator: Written iPhone App Review An iPhone can be many things: a notepad, planner, social media device, and sometimes even an actual phone. One of the things I use my phone most for, however, is navigation, which is why I’m always eager to try a new GPS app. VZ Navigator, […]

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