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Mountain AR Blends The Tech-World With Your Natural Terrain

Tweet Price: $2.99 Rating: Mountains AR the augmented reality to discover mountains, peaks and summits iPhone App Review by If you’re a backpacker, hiker, vagrant, nomad, explorer, adventurer or nature lover, you may or may not own an iPhone. Most likely, this depends on your “off-the-grid-ness” and socio-economic situation. However, if you’re a technologically […]


Vehicle365: Total Car-Based Information with Batman Style Tracking

Tweet Price: $4.99 Rating: Vehicle365 – Remote Tracking People & Vehicle. Prevent Missing Persons. Smart Car Computer iPhone App Review by When we first started doing this job many eons ago, we never would have thought that tracking applications would be as big of business as they are on the App Store. But now […]


Keep an Eye Out with VizSAFE

Tweet Price: Free Rating: VizSAFE iPhone App Review by Would you rather be safe than sorry? Want to be able to have an extra security of your surrounding environments? Then the VizSAFE app from developer Vizsafe, Inc. is just the app for you!  Features: The VizSAFE app is your key to extra security and […]


Know How to Get Out in an Emergency with Emergency Exit – Find the Nearest Exit – Indoor Maps

Tweet Price: $0.99 Rating: Emergency Exit – Find the Nearest Exit – Indoor Maps iPhone Game Review by (Free Promo Code Giveaway! See Below for Free Promo Codes) The room you’re in is slowly filling up with smoke. With people running around in every direction, you’re finding it difficult to compose yourself as the […]


iSafe SOS: The Savior In Your Pocket

Tweet Price: $1.99 Rating: iSafe SOS (Maps application helps you protect in road accidents by sending an SMS) iPhone App Review by When out on the road on a motorcycle (or even just a street bike) the world becomes a dangerous place. There are hundreds upon hundreds of bigger, scarier vehicles all around you. […]


Never Lose Sight of Where You Are with MapsWithMe Pro

Tweet  Price: $4.99 Rating: MapsWithMe Pro. Offline Maps iPhone App Review by Always like to know where you are going no matter where you might be? Then the MapsWithMe Pro app from developer MapsWithMe GmbH is just the app you are looking for! It provides you with maps on your device so you don’t […]

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