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Vela Player: Look, Maw, No Hands!

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: Vela Player: Written iPhone App Review Here at the iPhone App Review, we’re pretty much constantly listening to music. We do it while we’re writing, we do it while we’re setting up new posts, we even do it when we’re closing up for the day and just want to relax a […]


Wake Up in Style with Radio Alarm Clock

TweetPrice: Free Rating: Radio Alarm Clock: Written iPhone App Review If you’re like me, you hate waking up early in the morning. Sometimes you have to, though, so why not try to make it a pleasant experience? Radio Alarm Clock, developed by EnSight Media, is somewhat of a veteran in the alarm app category. It has […]


Jukebox Genius: How Well Do You Know Your Own Music?

TweetPrice: Free Rating: Jukebox Genius: Written iPhone App Review Do you like music related trivia? How about taking it to a personal level and seeing how well you know and recognize the music from your own music library? Then the Jukebox Genius app from developer Tom Callaghan is just the app for you! It is […]


Drop Fat Beats with Noisepad

TweetPrice: $4.99 Rating: Noisepad: Written iPhone App Review Hailing from developer MediaGROE and DJ Chuckie is the newly updated Noisepad (v 2.0) app for the iOS. This bangin’ beat maker is one of the best titles we have seen for Apple devices. Interested in why we loved it so much after this new update? Read […]


ReplayerHD: The Most Complete Video Player in the App Store

TweetPrice: Free Rating: ReplayerHD: Written iPhone App Review When it comes to extended function video players for iOS, we sometimes feel like we’ve seen the lot of them. Spurred onward by the lack of official Apple support for, well, just about anything developers have been producing apps to manage your more advanced video needs in […]


Radio Velvet: All Good Music, All the Time

TweetPrice: Free Rating: Radio Velvet: Written iPhone App Review Do you like music? Do you like really good music? If so, then we might just have the next greatest app suggestion for you. No, this isn’t another Pandora or Spotify clone. Rather, Radio Velvet by developer NGSE presents us with a new way to listen […]

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