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Can “A Low GI Diet” Help You Make Better Food Choices?

TweetPrice: $3.99    Rating:  7/10    By Sarah Parker For those of you up-to-date with popular diets, the Low Glycemic Diet, based on the Glycemic Index (GI), may be familiar to you. A low glycemic diet is believed to help prevent insulin resistance and other health complications. A Low GI Diet – Glycemic Index Search, developed by […]


Radiation Passport Keeps Track of Your Radiation Exposure

TweetPrice: $2.99    Score: 8/10    By Shaun Campbell The iPhone Radiation Passport from developer Tidal Pool Software, is an innovative new app that provides patient-pertinent information on radiological imaging. Exposure to ionizing radiation is a well documented cause of cancer in humans. Every day we are exposed to background levels of radiation – but the number […]


SymptomMD is a First-Rate Family Health Resource

TweetPrice: $2.99    Score: 8/10    By Shaun Campbell SymptomMD from developer Self Care Decisions, LLC, helps you to make sensible, educated decisions about your own health care.  The information and recommendations contained within SymptomMD are based upon tried-and-tested symptom-assessing guidelines used by hundreds of nurse advice lines across North America. Suitable for both male & females, […]


Hypochondriacs Rejoice, WebMD comes to iPhone

TweetPrice: Free    Score: 8/10    By Shaun Campbell has long been the go-to resource for self-diagnosis. WebMD Mobile now brings the ultimate hypochondriac’s tool to the iPhone. You can now check your symptoms and look over treatment options from wherever you are, with all the features of the website in this easy-to-use, stand-alone app. […]


Safe OR Checklist

TweetWritten iPhone App Review Price: $1.99 Score: 9/10 By Shaun Campbell The Safe OR checklist from QxMD Software Inc. is an adaption of the WHO Surgical Safety Checklist. The checklist has been shown in a recent study to drastically reduce post-operative mortality if followed before surgery. (A Surgical Safety Checklist to Reduce Morbidity and Mortality […]


The ECG Guide Makes ECG Easy

TweetWritten iPhone App Review Price: $4.99   Score: 8/10    By Shaun Campbell The ECG/EKG (electrocardiogram) has always been a sticking-point for nurses, paramedics, medical students and doctors alike. Reading and interpreting the ECG is a notoriously hard skill to learn. Mastering the ECG involves lots of study and practice, but mobile learning tools like The ECG […]

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