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LowRx – Discount Prescription Card: Save Money with Pharmacy discounts!

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: LowRx – Discount Prescription Card: Written iPhone App Review LowRx – Discount Prescription Card is a discount prescription card app available for the iPhone and iPod touch. Basically what that means is that this app saves you money on your prescriptions. No catches involved. That means big discount savings at any […]


Lullaby Me: Soothing iPhone Sounds for your Child

TweetPrice: $0.99 Lullaby Me: Written and Video iPhone App Review We mention this a lot, but one of the absolute coolest aspects of the iPhone is the fact that it’s so dang powerful when it comes to educating our children, or improving their lives in some fashion or another. Today’s example is a wonderful one: […]


iDrate: Stay Hydrated, Stay Classy

TweetPrice: Free iDrate: iPhone App Written and Video Review You know, it could just be the fact that we live in the fittest state in the Nation (Go Colorado!) but we really do make an effort to stay as healthy as possible. We can’t brag about it though, as we’re hardly the only ones doing […]


iDoctor Pro – Patient Tracking Made Easy

TweetPrice: $1.99 Rating: iDoctor Pro: iPhone Written App Review Doctors looking for an easy way to keep track of their patient information are in luck. This week I had a chance to review iDoctor Pro from developer Luis Medinavi. This simple app makes keeping track of records, results, patient details and more a snap. But […]


Hypnotic Sleephour: The Best Night’s Sleep You Ever Got With Your iPhone

TweetPrice: $0.99 Hypnotic Sleephour: iPhone App Written Review If you’re like us, you have a really hard time getting yourself to sleep. In fact, it’s basically a nightly struggle for you simply to go out cold, and then not wake up the next morning with a raging case of the “groggies.” If that sounds familiar […]


Hypnomatic: A Hypnotist in Your Pocket

TweetPrice: Free Hypnomatic: iPhone App Written and Video Review Have you ever wanted to try hypnosis, but you’ve simply been too afraid to ever give it some serious consideration? Have you heard all about the benefits that it can bring to you, but you’re just not sold enough to go out and pay someone you’ve […]

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