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Burning, Crashing, and Speeding Around the World: City Traffic HD

Tweet Price: $.99 Rating: To coin a phrase, I’d call the genre of games created by the introduction of Flight Control “directional frenzy puzzlers.” There have been many variations of this now classic idea (the direction of moving objects around each other to a specified goal without any collisions) but I have to admit, City […]


SlideItOut HD: The Cleverest Idea to Come from Oz Since Vegemite

Tweet   Price: $2.99 Rating: SlideItOut HD, an iPad app by Australian developer Wiremuch, is the most fun you’ll ever have moving wooden blocks. The excellent puzzle-based gameplay not only provides an engaging time-killer, but offers an endless amount of replay to boot. Gameplay The thing that hooked me most about SlideItOut HD is the […]


Explore Great Accommodations with the Jeju Hotel Guide App

Tweet   Price: Free Rating: If you want to learn more about the accommodation on the beautiful island of Jeju in South Korea you will be delighted with the Jeju Hotel Guide app from Airr Interactive. Many people know how difficult it is to choose accommodations when you are heading off on your travels. We […]


Escape to the Beautiful Island of Jeju with the JejuOlleGuide

Tweet   Price: Free Rating: If you want to learn more about the striking island of Jeju without leaving your home, then the JejuOlleGuide iPad app from Airr Interactive will prove ideal. Many people have a strong interest in travel and those that are not able to travel a great deal due to other commitments […]


iPianoRoll Review: The Perfect Introduction to Playing Piano

Tweet   Price: $1.99 Rating: As the daughter of a piano teacher, I began playing the ivories at the tender age of four.   Had iPianoRoll for the iPad been in existence then, I would have certainly shed fewer tears of frustration! Concept: iPianoRoll is a wonderful way to introduce young children to the joys of […]


Have a Blast Smashing Blocks with NewPark Blockers HD

Tweet Price: $.99 Rating: Enjoy non-stop iPhone brick smashing and blasting action with NewPark Blockers HD, based on the original classics Breakout and Super Breakout. There appear to be lots of classic arcade and console games making an appearance on the iPhone lately but there will always be a special place reserved for a game […]

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