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Earth Flags HD Makes Carmen Sandiego Look Like an Amateur

Tweet   Price: $1.99 Rating: Earth Flags HD iPad app, by developer Ordwiz, is an excellent addition to the world of iOS educational apps, if not a lavishly frilled one. The user interface is sleek and precise, making geography fun and engaging for people of all ages—that means you too, grown-ups. Features What Earth Flags […]


Audiolio: Funny Sounding Name, Great Sound App

Tweet   Price: $2.99 Rating: Audiolio, an iPad app by developer Escape Velocity Apps, is the best thing to happen to note taking since the invention of the ballpoint pen. If you’re always checking Facebook during meetings, or sleeping through lectures at school, Audiolio will make you believe in taking notes again. Features Audiolio is, […]


Mini HD: Mouse Trap and Snack Combined for a Good Day Out

Tweet   Price: $.99 Rating: Mini HD an iPad app, by developer TonApps, is a solid Snake clone that trades an amorphous, long-tailed creature for a cute mouse with a cheese problem. The end result is an entertaining, if sometimes slow, experience that’s worth the price of entry. Gameplay: Mini HD is for the most […]


Drop A Beat Like It’s Hot with Sample Lab

Tweet   Price: $9.99 Rating: No matter if you’re a professional DJ, or just a beat-lover with a casual interest in creating your own samples, Sample Lab iPad app, by fotoh LLC, has everything you need to start slicing, cutting, and dropping jams. Design and Interface If you have any experience with samplers, you’ll feel […]


Burning, Crashing, and Speeding Around the World: City Traffic HD

Tweet Price: $.99 Rating: To coin a phrase, I’d call the genre of games created by the introduction of Flight Control “directional frenzy puzzlers.” There have been many variations of this now classic idea (the direction of moving objects around each other to a specified goal without any collisions) but I have to admit, City […]


SlideItOut HD: The Cleverest Idea to Come from Oz Since Vegemite

Tweet   Price: $2.99 Rating: SlideItOut HD, an iPad app by Australian developer Wiremuch, is the most fun you’ll ever have moving wooden blocks. The excellent puzzle-based gameplay not only provides an engaging time-killer, but offers an endless amount of replay to boot. Gameplay The thing that hooked me most about SlideItOut HD is the […]

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