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Notebook Ninja: a Wicked Five Star Throwing Universal App

Tweet   Price: $.99 Rating: Notebook Ninja Video App Review   Notebook Ninja, by the deliciously named developer Proton Reactor, offers truly original gameplay for both the iPhone and iPad. The game is a bit short (even with the additional five levels introduced by the latest update) but if you’re looking for a real up-and-comer […]


Search Out(side) the Box

Tweet   Price: $.99 Rating: Search Out Video App Review   Search Out, by developer Fabrizio Bernasconi, offers heaps of solid Spotlight style search functionality for both the iPad and iPhone. Search Out includes several improvements to file hunting on iOS, but without email integration it’s not yet a full-out replacement for the iPad’s built-in […]


Lost Circus HD: Leave Any Free Time, and Fear of Clowns, at the Door

Tweet   Price: $4.99 Rating: With a huge screen, multi-touch controls, and a vast population of casual gamers, the iPad is the perfect device for a good ol’ point-and-click adventure game. Developer Sungift Games makes a strong case for this argument with their latest offering Lost Circus HD, an excellent addition to the genre which […]


Carol Never Wore her Safety Glasses, Now She Uses Xperica HD

Tweet   Price: Free Rating: Xperica HD Video App Review Xperica HD, by developer IL&FS Education and Technology Services, is a stunning example of what education apps can do with a little iOS initiative and the iPad’s larger screen. It offers a set of four free experiments that will make you believe in science labs […]


I Learn with Poko: Seasons and Weather HD: Makes Even Rainy Days and Bad Weather Interesting

Tweet     Price: $2.99 Rating: One of the greatest things about the current generation of iDevices is their simplicity. They are, in fact, so easy to use, that even our children find them fun to play with. And with such a handy device, it’s no wonder more and more developers are engineering education apps […]


Operation Offers Gory, Blood-Pumping Fun on Your iPad

Tweet   Price: $1.99 Rating: Should you decide to invest a mere two bucks in the Operation iPad app, by developer Illya Alvarado Diaz, a whole host of conversational oddities will be added to your parlance at the office. For example, you could casually mention that you ripped the heart out of a zombie last […]

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