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nPlayer: Mild-Mannered Video Player (Secretly a Superhero)

Tweet nPlayer Price: $8.99 Rating: iPhone App Review by Almost since the iPhone first came out, one of the platform’s weakest points is actually its video support. Apple has always been known for being opinionated, and nowhere is this more apparent than with video. With lots of lockdowns on file formats, playback rates, and […]


London Pass: Like a Double-Decker for your Pocket

Tweet London Pass – Travel Guide Price: Free Rating: iPhone App Review by We like London: It is by our estimation one of the greatest cities in the world (to many it is the greatest) and for good reason. With so many attractions, a lively populace, and so much to do, it’s small wonder […]


Krostik Kraze Will Test Your Puzzle-Solving Skills

Tweet Krostik Kraze Price: Free Rating: iPhone Game Review by Krostik Kraze is a cool new game that’s sure to satisfy all your acrostic cravings. Combining trivia and cleverly designed acrostics, this app is definitely full of fun challenges. Features: Krostik Kraze, by JEL Mobile Apps LLC, is primarily an app geared towards acrostic […]


Tap Your Way to Victory with Whack Magic

Tweet Whack Magic Price: Free Rating: iPhone Game Review by Whack Magic is an impressive new tapping game that will keep you on the edge of your seat playing through magical adventures. Features: Whack Magic, by Ho Man Cheung, is a game that challenges you to quickly “whack” (tap) your screen to successfully put […]


Beat da Beat Combines Galaga-Like Gameplay with Awesome Music

Tweet Beat da Beat Price: $0.99 Rating: iPhone Game Review by Realistic graphics are great for games, but sometimes it’s fun to pay a visit to the old school way of gaming. This is one of the reasons why retro games are my favorite to try. Beat da Beat is an exciting new action […]


Family Protector for iOS Helps Parents Monitor Their Child’s iPhone Activity

Tweet Family Protector – Parental Controls by Intego Price: Free Rating: iPhone App Review by Keeping your child safe in a technological world can be a daunting task, but there are plenty of helpful tools for parents who want to have a bit more control over what their child does while using an iPhone […]

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