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Test Your Physics Knowledge with Fearless Bob!

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Fearless Bob iPhone Game Review by Fearless Bob is a free game by Glenn Hill that challenges players to use their knowledge of physics and puzzle-solving strategies to help Bob rescue his friends from a hungry monster. Featuring 30 levels in 6 different environments, Fearless Bob is a game that […]


In Arrivo HD: Explore Rome, Italy with Helpful Transportation App

Tweet Price: Free Rating: In Arrivo! HD – Buses, taxi, metros, trip calculations and sharing for the conscious visitor to the Ethernal city iPhone App Review by (Free Promo Codes! See below for codes) Are you interested in visiting Rome, Italy? Already live there and need a handy app for the public transportation options? […]


Evo Rush: From Paramecium to People

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Evo Rush iPhone Game Review by If you have yet to play a game like Threes! or 2048, then we’re not sure where you’ve been: They’ve been swarming the marketplace, showing up just about everywhere imaginable. Because of their popularity, we’ve been seeing all manner of clones and copies, too. […]


Angus the Irritable Bull Is a Must-Read iPad Children’s Book

Tweet Price: $2.99 Rating: Angus the Irritable Bull iPad Book Review by Angus the Irritable Bull, developed by Watermark Ltd, is a fantastically fun and adorable interactive storybook for iPad. Kids and adults will fall in love with the story of Angus and other animals on the farm. Concept and Functionality: I think the […]


Learn to be a pro at the table with Poker Guide!

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Poker Guide iPhone App Review by Unlike Blackjack or Solitaire, poker has become more than just a card game these days. Combining strategy, luck and even some acting (hence the term, “Poker Face,” brought again to popularity thanks to Lady Gage), Poker is a card game that has blown up […]


EZCOMMA; A Fun And Free Approach To Grammar

Tweet Price: Free Rating: EZCOMMA iPhone App Review by Even if you hated your teachers in High School, there’s still a good chance that you are going to enjoy your time with Mr. E. Z. Comma! This starry eyed teacher is now brought directly to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch in the wonderful […]

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