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Take Camper’s Helper Along on Your Adventures

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Camper’s Helper iPhone App Review by If you’re into camping, Camper’s Helper is an app you won’t want to be without. Developed by Gerard Guerin, it’s designed to aid adventurers in planning out their wilderness explorations. Since it works both with and without internet access it can provide valuable info […]


Hoverdroid 3D: RC hovercraft Is a Fun and Addicting Game for iOS

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Hoverdroid 3D: RC hovercraft iPhone Game Review by As someone who loved RC cars when they were a kid, I was excited to take Hoverdroid 3D: RC hovercraft, developed by MH Production, for a spin. Hoverdroid 3D is an exhilarating game that puts players in the driver seat of an […]


Annie Baby Monitor Is a Must-Have iOS App for Parents

Tweet Price: Free (30 min trial, $3.99 for full version) Rating: Annie Baby Monitor – The Most Reliable Baby Monitoring App (3G, LTE, Wi-Fi) iPhone App Review by As a parent, you do your best to try and be everywhere at once. However, this isn’t always the case. Technology is a fantastic thing, though, […]


Demolition Dodge: Remember to Drive Responsibly (or Not)!

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Demolition Dodge iPhone Game Review by If you’re a dedicated reader, you’re likely aware of the fact that we adore arcade games. Anything that has us smashing, trashing and running about for points is right up our alley. If we can earn additional items or milestones along the way, then […]


Grab Prot-On For Secure and Controlled File Sharing

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Prot-On iPhone App Review by Prot-On is a very well designed app giving you an easy way to share files quickly and securely. Available for free through the iTunes Store, Prot-On, an app by Proteccion On-Line, allows users to stay in control of the files they share even after they […]


Get Organized with iFile Browser

Tweet Price: Free Rating: iFile Browser & Download Manager for file management, document reader & cloud storage iPhone App Review by iFile Browser by Beleela is an all-in-one file management app that not only simplifies organizing all of your files into one convenient location but also provides a range of functions that you won’t […]

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