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The 7 Best iPhone Apps of 2018 (that you don’t know about)

Tweet The 7 Best iPhone Apps of 2018 (that you don’t know about) The talent and creativity demonstrated by dev teams around the world continues to impress and amaze us here at TIAR. With the hardware advancing in a steady pace of technological advancement, the app folks (guys and gals) are always finding new things […]


Jet Journal Is the Perfect Blend of Social Network and Travel Log

Tweet Jet Journal Price: Free Rating: iPhone App Review by No matter where you travel, it seems like you can’t take enough photos of new places. What if you could keep all of those photos, attractions, or ideas in one place so everything is organized in case you travel there again? Jet Journal is […]


Jail Football Takes Soccer to Another (Fun) Level

Tweet Jail Football – Prison Soccer Maniacs Price: Free Rating: iPhone Game Review by Soccer can be a really fun sport, especially when you’re playing against people around the world from the comfort of your iPhone. Jail Football is an exciting and competitive game that puts a unique spin on this classic game by pitting […]


Watch Your Music Come to Life with DanceDancePlayer

Tweet DanceDancePlayer Price: Free Rating: iPhone App Review by DanceDancePlayer is an innovative and entertaining app that let’s you experience music in a whole new way. If you love music you have to check it out. Created by Pavel Krasnov, this awesome music app for iPhone and iPad not only lets you listen to music, but […]


Getting the Job Done with Leader Task

Tweet Leader Task: To-Do List & Task Manager Price: Free Rating: iPhone App Review by Leader Task is an incredibly well designed app that will help you keep track of your daily “to-do” lists, meetings, and important projects. Leader Task, developed by Organizer LeaderTask, LLC, does all that for you and so much more to make sure […]


Project Pink Lung Will Help You Quit Smoking for Good

Tweet Project Pink Lung – Quit Smoking Price: Free Rating: iPhone App Review by When you’re trying to quit smoking, it’s important to remember that everyone is completely different; what works for some people may not work for you. However, it’s always worth trying different things to help kick the habit and money is […]

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