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Mad Cows’ Maze: Run For Your Life! But Have Fun Doing It

Tweet Mad Cows’ Maze Price: FREE Rating: iPad Game Review by This isn’t something we get to brag about often, or really ever for that matter, but we abso-freaking-lutely love maze games. Since childhood, I cannot count the number of hours I’ve spent with a pencil in hand, tracing my way through the book […]


Chess Dice is an Interesting Twist on Chess

TweetChess Dice Price: $3.99 Rating: iPhone Game Review by Chess Dice is an interesting twist on chess that tests players’ strategy and problem solving skills. Even if you’re a chess wizard, this game is likely to challenge you. It’s obvious that a lot of thought and development has gone into this game by Alexey […]


Hamster Universe Takes Hamsters on the Trip of a Lifetime

Tweet Hamster Universe Price: FREE Rating: iPhone Game Review by As someone who thoroughly enjoys tap-to-play games, I always like tapping like crazy in order to multiply my score and earn achievements. Hamster Universe is a brand-new iOS game that is both incredibly addicting and fun to play. If your fingers don’t cramp up, […]


7 Must-Have FREE Apps for Back to School

Tweet 7 Must-Have Free Apps for Back to School Written by Sarah Hanlon Ready or not, school is just around the corner. Yep, summer went by that fast and we can’t believe it’s almost over either. However, as much as we’d like to planning out next road trip, it’s time to gear up and get […]


Conquer the World with Invasion: Online War Game

Tweet Invasion: Online War Game Price: FREE Rating: iPhone Game Review by Invasion: Online War Game is an exciting simulation game that challenges players to use their knowledge of battle strategies in order to conquer the world. Although the app is currently available for free, a good number of in-app purchases to help you […]


Are You Ready to Bugout? Bugout Bag Creator Prepares You for Anything

Tweet Bugout Bag Creator Price: $1.99 Rating: iPhone App Review by Bugout Bag Creator is the perfect app to help you prepare for anything and everything, making it easy to prepare survival kits and Go Bags for just about any situation. Features: Having to deal with a disaster is something that most people will […]

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