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Top Hybrid Mobile App Development Frameworks for 2016

Tweet Top 7 Hybrid Mobile App Development Frameworks for 2016 Written by Mozrif “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” — Mahatma Gandhi Mobile app Development frameworks are readily available and make it easier than ever to build the app of your dreams.  These days, you can get […]


Using iOS 9 to Develop Universal Apps for All Apple Devices

Tweet Best Practices for Developing Universal iOS Apps Written by Serban Tir and Alexandra Lovin iOS developers face more challenges today than ever before in delivering a great user experience across all iOS devices, including the newly announced update to Apple TV. Each device has its own set of characteristics and with the launch of […]


Top 10 iPhone Apps for Your New Years Resolutions

Tweet Top 10 iPhone Apps for Your New Years Resolutions by This is the time of year when people reflect on their lives and look ahead to a better year. You may wonder what ways you can improve yourself and set new goals for yourself. These goals can, of course, can take many forms […]


11 Easy Ways to Protect Your Mobile Device and Personal Information

Tweet It never ceases to amaze me just how powerful our mobile devices are. I’ve been around a bit and can remember when they were called PDAs (Personal Digital Assistant) and Palm Computing was the lead dog in the race. They were cool for their time but only good for contacts, notes and your calendar. […]


How to Turn Your iPhone into a Media Powerhouse

Tweet If you’re like us, you likely purchased your iPhone because of all its innovative features and hardware. This includes a lot of connectivity equipment, like Bluetooth, built-in WiFi, etc. Yet, we find that most users are not getting this most possible out of their iPhone’s potential. Are you sure you are? If you’re looking […]


How to Disable Lock Screen Notifications: Not as Difficult as You Think

Tweet With the advent of iOS 7, we’ve seen a rather startling change: Notifications hanging out on your lock screen. Before the recent update, we had to jailbreak our iPhones and iPads to make this happen. Now, it’s a standard part of the software. We’re glad to see that folks at Apple are tuned into […]

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