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6 Pack Promise Plus: Ab Trainer on iOS

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: 6 Pack Promise Plus iPhone App Review by Want to get ribbed abs? Tired of the old soft, saggy belly? How about a personal trainer app to help out with your body remodeling? Introducing 6 Pack Promise Plus, from developer Athlean-X. Features: Created by workout pro Jeff Cavaliere, 6 Pack […]


Stay on Track and Get Healthy with NutriAid

Tweet  Price: $0.99 Rating: NutriAid: Written iPhone App Review NutriAid is an app from Gad Levy. The point of NutriAid is to help you diet. Now we all know that dieting, being healthy, watching our weight, and getting daily exercise is a challenge, but NutriAid is here to help ease the process. While you may […]


Be the Master of Your Healthcare with Patient Whiz

Tweet  Price: $4.99 Rating: Patient Whiz: Written iPhone App Review Medical information can be one of the most difficult things anyone will deal with. From stacks of paperwork to lengthy instructions from doctors, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with information. If you’re looking to take charge of personal health, this is the perfect app for […]


Crossfit WOD Programmer is an iPhone App for Serious Athletes

Tweet  Price: $2.99 Rating: Crossfit WOD Programmer: Video and Written iPhone App Review Nowadays it seems like exercise apps focus more on telling your friends what you’re doing instead of providing you with solid routines and pathways to achieving your fitness goals. Crossfit WOD Programmer, developed by DemonEye Integration Technologies, LLC, is a brand-new exercise […]


My Diet: Control your body: The iPhone Companion to Weight Loss

Tweet  Price: $0.99 Rating: My Diet: Control your body: Written iPhone App Review Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise—losing weight is hard. Between all of the strenuous workouts, the need to cutback on your diet, and maintain constant self control can be very draining. This is why it’s incredibly important that you have safeguards and […]


ibis Sleep Art: Create Art While You Slumber

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: ibis Sleep Art: Written iPhone App Review One of the most amazing things about sleep is it’s a time when we usually can’t control our actions. Once our head is on the pillow and our eyelids close, our subconscious comes out to play. While it’s fun to dream (and even more […]

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