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The Dukan Diet Is Worth It’s Weight

Tweet Price: $1.99 Rating: Dukan Diet + Over 500 recipes! iPhone App Review by Summertime is a wonderful chance to toss back a few cocktails around the barbeque, and maybe lounge by the pool for a few more hours. However, with an emphasis on leisure, often times comes putting on a few extra pounds. […]


Pulse Oximeter Turns Your iPhone into a Facinating Medical Device

Tweet Price: $3.99 Rating: Pulse Oximeter iPhone App Review by Promo Code Giveaway! (see below for free promo codes) The app world has redefined both entertainment and communication for decades to come. Now, new apps are arising that are redefining medicine as well. Pulse Oximeter, from digiDoc Technologies AS, is an impeccable medical app […]


Improve Your Labor Experience with Doula Contraction Labor Coach

Tweet Price: $1.99 Rating: Doula Contraction Labor Coach iPhone App Review by Created by Marijke Sibie, Doula Contraction Labor Coach will help women planning on home (or birthing center) births to feel relaxed and fully prepped for the arrival of their little ones. With features indicated in its name, having Doula Contraction Labor Coach […]


PT and OT Helper Golf Elbow Is a Must-Have App for Physical Therapy

Tweet Price: $4.99 Rating: PT and OT Helper Golf Elbow iPad App Review by   PT and OT Helper Golf Elbow, developed by Cognatus Innovations, LLC, is an app that is designed to bring the expertise and knowledge of physical and occupational therapy to the iPad. This app is primarily meant to complement existing […]


Say Hello to Sweet Dreams With Baby Songs

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Baby Songs iPhone App Review by If you’re a new parent or have had your experience raising kids, you’ll know that it can be difficult putting a baby to sleep right away. Be it crying or just plain restlessness, bedtime can become one of the most stressful times of the […]


Keep Tabs on Your Fitness Progress with

Tweet Price: $1.99 Rating: – weight, measurements and before and after photo tracker iPhone App Review by While fitness should always be a high priority, sometimes we let other things get in the way of staying healthy. If you’re in need of a new way to motivate yourself to stay on track and […]

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