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Swat – Free Game of the Day

TweetWritten iPhone Game App Review Swat is a free game with a simple concept. Dozens of flies buzz around on the screen and you have to try and swat as many as you can. There are 10 levels, each with increasing difficulty. To mix things up there are also bees which you have to avoid […]


Space Deadbeef – First Side-Scrolling Shoot-em-up for iPhone is a Winner

TweetWritten iPhone Game App Review Space Deadbeef is a new game for the iPhone in the tradition of those old school side-scrolling shoot-em-ups of the 80’s & 90’s. You know the ones – where your impossibly small fighter takes on wave after wave of bad guys armed only with your quick reactions and virtually unlimited […]


TapDefense Strategy & Tips

TweetWritten iPhone Game App Review TapDefense is currently the most popular free-to-download game on the App Store. If you’re having trouble finishing all the levels or want to beat the higher difficulties, here are some tips to get you going: Conserve Gold Build the bare minimum of towers that you need to complete each level. […]


SimCity to be released on iPhone

TweetWritten iPhone Game App Review In a very exciting little piece of iPhone gaming news, SimCity for the iPhone is due to be released on the App Store later this month. Produced by EA Games, SimCity promises to be a full-featured version of the ubiquitous Will Wright classic. See Kotaku for their full first impressions. […]


Review of Darts for iPhone

TweetWritten iPhone Game App Review Darts is a dart simulation game developed by Fictorial LLC. Darts is one of the most popular free-to-download games currently available on the Apple App Store. Darts brings the ubiquitous pub classic to your pocket, and does the job fairly well. It’s a must for any fan of the real […]


TapDefense Review

TweetWritten iPhone Game App Review TapDefense is a tower defense game developed by the LL Group. At the time of writing, TapDefense was number one on the most-downloaded list in the (free) Apple App store. TapDefense is a strategy game. The concept behind TapDefense and most other tower defense games (like Fieldrunners) is to build […]

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