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Capture the Aliens in Paper Universe!

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Paper Universe – Drag the Rocket iPhone Game Review by Paper Universe—Drag the Rocket is an arcade style app by Matthias Flur. This fun and creative game transports players into a beautifully simple world made entirely of paper. Features: This app’s name really says it all when it comes to […]


Slurf Is a Fun and Simple Game for iPhone and iPad

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Slurf iPhone Game Review by When you’re looking to kill a bit of time by playing an iPhone or iPad game, sometimes you want something that simple and easy to pick up and play. If this is the case, Slurf might just be the brand-new iOS game that you’re looking for. […]


Nimbler: How Quick Are You Really?

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Nimbler iPhone App Review by Here at the iPhone App Review, we are always on the lookout for the best new arcade games on iOS. And today, we’re serving up a juicy concept with a smooth, minimalist execution. This good-looking app’s name is Nimbler, from iShare AB, and as the […]


Bunny Dog is a Fun Combination of an Arcade Game and a Trivia Game

Tweet Price: $0.99 Bunny Dog iPhone Game News Item by Here at The iPhone App Review, we’re always on the lookout for the latest and the greatest apps. Luckily for us, we’ve recently stumbled upon Bunny Dog, a hilarious little character we’ve been stuck on all week. Bunny Dog synthesizes two of your favorite […]


Aphelion Is an iOS Puzzle Game That Will Challenge You

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Aphelion iPhone Game Review by Aphelion is a brand-new game that just debuted on the App Store. Developed by HellFish Studios, Aphelion is an engaging and challenging puzzle game that’s off to a fantastic start.  It still has some improvements to make, though, before it’s truly great so we’re anxious […]


Soccer Fan 2014: The Ultimate Test of Footy Knowledge

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Soccer Fan 2014 iPhone App Review by The world over, it seems, there’s a genuine buzz in the air. And it has to do with the World Cup. Everyone and anyone is glued to a tele screen, nose inches from the pixels—unless they’re shouting at it from across the room. […]

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