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Eggo To Go is a Great Casual Endless Game for IPhone

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Eggo To Go iPhone Game Review by Eggo To Go is a fun and casual iPhone game that’ll keep players entertained and challenged. Developed by Fevolution Innovation inc., Eggo To Go is a vertical endless game and while somewhat similar to Doodle Jump, it has plenty of unique elements. Concept […]


Demolition Dodge: Remember to Drive Responsibly (or Not)!

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Demolition Dodge iPhone Game Review by If you’re a dedicated reader, you’re likely aware of the fact that we adore arcade games. Anything that has us smashing, trashing and running about for points is right up our alley. If we can earn additional items or milestones along the way, then […]


Boing Hop Boing Is an Addicting and Enjoyable iOS Game

Tweet Price: $0.99 (Special Launch Price) Rating: Boing Hop Boing iPhone Game Review by   One of my favorite things about reviewing iPhone and iPad games is that I get to see brand-new releases that break new ground and are fun to play. Drippy Cat Software Limited has released a new universal title that is just […]


Think Shapes Will Give Your Gray Matter A Workout

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Think Shapes iPhone Game Review by Think Shapes, from SoftUps, LLC, is a well-designed challenging puzzle game that is great fun for any fan of interesting puzzles. Features It is not your run-of-the-mill shape puzzler where you have to fit shapes together. This game provides you with a fixed set […]


EZ PZ RPG is the Most Fun and Easiest RPG

Tweet Price: Free Rating: EZ PZ RPG iPhone Game Review by Developed by R2Game Co., Limited, EZ PZ RPG is the next big thing in mobile role playing games. Available for free through the iTunes Store, this game is fun, challenging and yet incredibly simple to play so it’s ideal for both beginner and […]


Go From Snack Shack to Lunch Legend in Lunch Truck Tycoon

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Lunch Truck Tycoon iPhone Game Review by One of my favorite game genres is simulators, so it’s no surprise that I took a liking to Lunch Truck Tycoon almost immediately. Developed by Diggidy, Lunch Truck Tycoon is an addicting and fun game for iPhone that takes players on an exciting journey […]

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