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Straylings: Teaching Grammar, One Swing at a Time

Tweet Price: $0.99 Rating: Straylings iPhone Game Review by Here at the iPhone App Review, we have long held that our favorite (at the very least my favorite) genre to review is children’s educational gaming. There’s just something so cool about being able to say, “This game will inspire youths of the world to […]


Between Futuristic and Feudal: Walking War Robots Is A Thrilling Title

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Walking Wars Robots iPhone Game Review by Gamers around the world are always on the hunt for their next fix. Whether you’re into by a simple gem like Temple Run or a comprehensive title such as GTA: San Andreas, you can always use a new game to add to the […]


Treat Yourself to a Fun Challenge with Slurf

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Slurf iPhone Game Review by Recently updated by Render Junkies LLC, Slurf brings waves of challenging, fun gameplay and quirky artwork for your gaming needs. Features: Although Slurf isn’t loaded with tons of content in terms of game modes, Slurf is a solid game with high replay value and is […]


Mega Blaster Lite Is A Bite-Sized Shooting Gem

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Mega Blaster Lite iPhone App Review by Free Promo Codes for Full Version! (See below for free promo codes) If you loved games like Pac-Man and Snood, you may just have another game to add to the rotation. Mega Blaster Lite, from Nathan Reimnitz, is a wonderful little cannon-shooter, which […]


Halloween Bonus Slots Is Spooky, Seasonal Fun

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Halloween Bonus Slots iPhone Game Review by As Halloween nears, plenty of people are getting excited at the prospect of free candy, and getting to scare random people in the “spirit” of the holiday. Whether or not you plan on going trick-or-treating, there are plenty of ways for you to […]


AR Tap Shooter: Kill It — It’s in Your Living Room

Tweet Price: Free Rating: AR Tap Shooter iPhone Game Review by A couple years back we reviewed a rash of exciting new augmented reality games. These were titles that added to or in some way changed your environment using the iPhone’s camera. However, this was back on the iPhone 3, and the technology . […]

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