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ShareWhere Is Your Anonymous, and Local, Facebook-Twitter Synthesis

Tweet Price: Free Rating: ShareWhere iPhone App Review by We’ve seen apps of all shapes and sizes. From Social Network Apps to Expense Trackers and beyond, there’s an infinite supply of new and revolutionary apps emerging all the time. Now, we’ve got an app that steps away from Facebook to enable anonymous expression. The […]


BingoDab Hits The Spot For Bingo Lovers

Tweet Price: Free Rating: BingoDab iPhone Game Review by For Bingo lovers around the world, BingoDab, from Dab Gaming Ltd., is about to scratch a major itch. This title does a hugely successful job of emulating the real-time excitement of playing Bingo. Register or play as a guest, and get ready to get all the […]


Challenge Yourself with Lonely Pinguin 13

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Lonely Pinguin 13 iPhone Game Review by Lonely Pinguin 13 is a game by Luca Mcleod that challenges users to use their fast thinking skills to quickly overcome obstacles. Featuring a friendly little penguin who mostly runs instead of flies, Lonely Pinguin 13 provides a nice alternative to the many […]


Xac USA:2014 – Trivia Challenge to the Max

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Xac USA:2014 iPhone Game Review by Consider yourself the ultimate trivia buff? Seeking for any type of trivia challenge or competition? Then the Xac USA:2014 app from developer XacFAQ is the perfect app for you! Features: Xac USA:2014 is your ultimate, go to, trivia challenge game. Trivia category options include […]


Listen to Songs on YouTube with Play ‘Em for iPhone

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Play ’em – Audio player for Youtube iPhone App Review by Sometimes YouTube is the best way to listen to that one song that’s been stuck in your head for the last week. However, tracking down the song and waiting to load the video can be tough, especially if you’re […]


Find the Perfect Wine with Wine4.Me

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Wine4.Me iPhone App Review by Wine4.Me is an app by Amy Gross that makes choosing your ideal wine for the evening easier than ever before. Available for free through the iTunes Store, Wine4.Me uses individual’s stated taste preferences to introduce them to new selections that they might be interested in. […]

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