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Freeje Is Your Ticket To Cheap Calls Around The Globe!

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Freeje iPhone App Review by One of the best parts of having an iPhone, is utilizing innovative Social Networking apps to get outside of your given mobile network. While you may actually have an AT&T plan, Verizon, or another provider, hugely popular applications such as Skype and WhatsApp allow users […]


Make Event Planning a Breeze with ZookCity!

Tweet Price: Free Rating: ZookCity – Mobile Social Event Planner iPhone App Review by ZookCity—Mobile Social Event Planner is an app by ZookCity that helps travelers and locals alike enjoy the best that a city has to offer. Offered in an impressive slew of languages, this app makes finding and planning fun events easier […]


The Quest: It’s a Puzzle From Ye Olden Days

Tweet Price: Free Rating: The Quest iPhone Game Review by If you’re one of our regular readers, then you’re likely aware of my particular fixation on the puzzle genre. We love the field as a whole, but I’ve been known to spend hours upon hours focused on bursting through a final level. I have […]


Earth Extinction Is a New Free Space Game for iPhone

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Earth Extinction iPhone Game Review by Earth Extinction, developed by Fire Force Studios, is a new space-themed shooter game for iPhone. Featuring customizable ships and relatively easy gameplay, this is a fun game for anyone who is looking for a spacey shooter game. Earth Extinction requires players to build and maintain their […]


Note taking is a breeze on the iPad with NoteLedge

Tweet Price: Free Rating: NoteLedge – Take Notes, Sketch, Audio and Video Recording iPad App Review by Promo Code Giveaway! (see below for free promo codes) I use my iPad for a lot of things, including notes. Though sometimes it’s much more complicated than using a physical notepad, the versatility of the iPad is […]

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