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iKeepDocs: Keeping Your Information Close to the Breast

TweetPrice: $1.99 iKeepDocs: iPhone App Written Review When it comes to modern life, there’s only one word we know to use: Confusing and often not very safe. We’re constantly dealing with a variety of passwords, documents, contacts, and other personal information that, should it arrive in the wrong hands, could easily screw up our lives. […]


MoneyWiz: The Budgeting Wizard Your iPad Needs

TweetPrice: $4.99 MoneyWiz: iPad App Video Review We just don’t know what we’d do without services like to help us manage our money. These kinds of softwares make it simple, effective, and unbelievably clear where our money is going. It also allows us to more effectively track our progress along our goals, or any […]


Back in Black Offers Cut-And-Dry Financial Assistance

TweetPrice: $1.99 Back in Black: iPhone App Written Review Back in August we took a look at a little finance application called Back in Black, by the Fission Media Group. We spent an entire review raving about the app’s sleek interface, smooth functionality, and unbelievable daily assistance. Since then, we’re happy to announce, the app […]


Rescue Your Budget with Saver

TweetPrice: $2.99 Rating: Saver: iPhone Video App Review It’s hard to get excited about budgeting, but if any app can pull off this feat it’s Saver. Saver is a beautifully designed expense tracker from Alex Solonsky that helps you keep an eye on where the dough goes. That’s handy, especially this time of year, when […]


Buy Smart With the Ez Shopping Calculator

TweetPrice: $.99 Rating: Ez Shopping Calculator: iPhone App Video Review The worst part about shopping? Checking out. Nobody likes a being surprised at the register, but if you’re on a big shopping trip it’s easy to lose track of your total before you get to aisle three. Want help keeping tabs on your spending? There’s […]


I Ain’t Never Been To Vegas Sports, But I Gambled Up My Life

Tweet Price: $2.99 Rating: First of all, we’re proud of you if you got the Ryan Adams reference tucked into our title. Secondly, we’d be just as proud if you went out and downloaded the iPhone app Vegas Sports, by the developer of the same name. The iPhone app is a rock-solid resource for gambling […]

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