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PieRats: Conquering Opponents One Bone at a Time

Tweet Price: Free Rating: PieRats iPhone Game Review by If you’ve been with us long here at the iPhone App Review, you’re likely aware of the fact that we go absolutely bonkers for puzzle games. We also happen to enjoy anything that has us playing our friends online. When you combine the two, you […]


eMoraba: Bringing Skill Back to the iPad

Tweet Price: $2.99 (Free until 12 Midnight PDT, then $0.99 thru April 30th) Rating: eMoraba iPad Game Review by If you have never heard of Morabaraba, then you aren’t likely alone. However, for those that are familiar with the ancient game, you’re aware of the skill, cunning and dedication required to play the game […]


Be the ultimate Zombie Chef in ZomBQ – Meat The King!

Tweet Price: Free Rating: ZomBQ – Meat The King iPhone Game Review by When it’s summer time, it’s nice to turn the grill on from time to time and have a barbecue. But have you ever had a barbecue fit for zombies, particularly the King of Zombies? There aren’t too many people out there […]


Manage all of your media conveniently with VidOn Player

Tweet Price: Free Rating: VidOn Player – Free HD Movie and Streaming Media Player for MKV, AVI, WMA, MP4, FTP, UPnP, DLNA and samba iPhone App Review by Watching shows and movies on televisions? It’s not completely obsolete, but these days, more and more people are opting to watch their favorite sitcoms and dramas […]


Evo Rush: From Paramecium to People

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Evo Rush iPhone Game Review by If you have yet to play a game like Threes! or 2048, then we’re not sure where you’ve been: They’ve been swarming the marketplace, showing up just about everywhere imaginable. Because of their popularity, we’ve been seeing all manner of clones and copies, too. […]


Learn to be a pro at the table with Poker Guide!

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Poker Guide iPhone App Review by Unlike Blackjack or Solitaire, poker has become more than just a card game these days. Combining strategy, luck and even some acting (hence the term, “Poker Face,” brought again to popularity thanks to Lady Gage), Poker is a card game that has blown up […]

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