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Access 2,500+ Newspapers on Your iDevice with PressReader

Tweet Price: Free (single newspaper & subscription costs may apply) Rating: PressReader iPad App Review by To be honest, I never really got into reading newspapers on a regular basis. These black and white paper monsters always seemed to make reading an almost impossible task, so I never really bothered. Now that we’re in […]


Give Clear Instructions with Marching Orders

Tweet Price: $4.99 Rating: Marching Orders iPhone App Review by Marching Orders, from Nightshade Media, Inc., is something that you probably haven’t seen before. It’s a “you-do” app instead of just another “to-do” app. Available for $4.99 through the iTunes Store, Marching Orders is designed to improve the ease of giving instructions to anyone […]


Appay makes ordering and eating out a breeze

Tweet Price: Free Rating: appay iPhone App Review by When people refer to mobile, it’s not a term that focuses on the device but rather the user. Devices like iPhones are mobile because they can go anywhere the user goes. Lately, mobile-centric food apps and startups has been gaining ground because they come in […]


MarginNote Reader: Convenient Note Taking On the Go

Tweet Price: Free Rating: MarginNote Reader – Take notes on PDF,ePub & Outline with MindMap & Sync to Evernote iPad App Review by Are you someone who learns and retains information better by taking notes? Are you already using EverNote? MarginNote Reader from developer Sun Min will conveniently compile all of your note taking and […]


Present Your Very Best with Presentics

Tweet Price: Free Rating: Presentics – Minimalist & Multimedia Presentations iPad App Review by Presentics, from developer Pagico Software, is the perfect app for anyone who likes to give, or has to give, frequent presentations. It keeps it simple and makes you look good.  Features: When you initially load Presentics you will be presented with […]


Send Out Newsletters On-the-Go With the CakeMail App

Tweet Price: Free Rating: CakeMail iPhone App Review by As more customers get skeptical about advertising and marketing, the harder it gets others to listen to what you have to say about your platform or project. But through talking to potential customers with good content and giving them an insider’s look at what the […]

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