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Countdown until Daddy Comes Home with Daddy Takes a Business Trip

Tweet  Price: $1.99 Rating: Daddy Takes a Business Trip: Written iPad App Review Looking for an app that can keep your kids in touch and connected with you until you come home from your business trip? Then the Daddy Takes a Business Trip app from developer Crow Peak Media is just the app for you! […]


Koto Go West: Head West, Young Dog!

Tweet  Price: $2.99 Rating: Koto Go West: Written iPad App Review In all honesty, it has been entirely too long since we last had a look at a Koto Go animated storybook by developer Daniel Shneor. A long while ago we had the distinct pleasure of looking at Koto Go Silence, a brilliant addition to […]


Txt Viewer (txt reader): Simple, Elegant, Reading

Tweet  Price: $0.99 Rating: Txt Viewer (txt reader): Written & Video iPad App Review Since we first got our iPad those many eons ago, we’ve used a great deal of reading applications. We’ve tried all of the major brands, as well as a few more off-beat numbers offering more specialized purposes. However, throughout all of […]


Amelia and Terror of the Night: Quirky, Creepy and Oh So Entertaining

Tweet  Price: $1.99 Rating: Amelia and Terror of the Night: Written & Video iPad App Review As long ago as we can remember, we have always had a tremendously massive soft spot for all things creepy. We’re not talking horror films, per se, but rather those books, movies and drawings that fit neatly into the […]


Guitar Coach Magazine: Free and Chock-Full of Practical Lessons and Advice

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: Guitar Coach Magazine: Written iPad App Review Typically here at the iPhone App Review, we like to stick to traditional applications, and not those items restricted to the Newstand. However, occasionally we do find an offering that simply cannot be turned away. Today we’ve got just such an offering, called Guitar […]


The Last Enchanter: Swords, Magic and iPad Comics — Combine!

Tweet  Price: $1.99 Rating: The Last Enchanter: Written iPad App Review Do you like fantasy literature? Do you have an iPad? Do you wish there were just some way to combine your love for all things medieval and your favorite iOS device, as well as with a splattering of comicy action on top? If so, […]

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