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Keep a Multimedia Journal Diary on Your iPhone

TweetPrice: $2.99   Score: 7/10   By Michelle Schusterman Even for those adverse to the idea of keeping a diary, a multimedia journal complete with voice memo and privacy settings is pretty appealing. Journal Diary, an app designed by Sulaba Inc, aims to be that type of tool. While it is in many ways successful, a few […]


Celebrity Meet-up? Get Them to Autograph It

TweetPrice: $.99   Score: 8/10   By Michelle Schusterman I’m not one to run screaming at the sight of a celebrity – well, maybe in the other direction. But the possible usefulness of Autograph It goes beyond shrieky fangirls. Designed by Sulaba, this app aims to be how we get an autograph in the digital age. First, […]


‘The Recyclies’ Resourcefully Reinforce Reading and Recycling

TweetPrice: Free   Score: 9/10   By Anna Papachristos There are adventures in life that one can only experience through the art of storytelling.  Much of what we learn as children comes from the stories we hear, for we learn by example.  The Recyclies by ESZ Consulting not only promotes reading, but also teaches children the importance […]


Fun iPhone App for Kids: How to Train Your Dragon

TweetPrice: $1.99  Score: 10/10  By M. Schusterman This app comes with a warning – if you let your child read this book, you may have a very hard time getting your iPhone back. How to Train Your Dragon, a DreamWorks Animation hit movie, is available as an e-Book app for kids thanks to FrogDogMedia LLC.  […]


eBooks by Kobo Looks Promising

TweetPrice: Free   Score: 7/10    By Shaun Campbell With a format war quickly building in the eBook world, Kobo is a not a new device – but rather a new distribution service for the eBook. Formerly known as Shortcovers, Kobo is being marketed as a free cross-platform download, available on Blackberry, Palm Pre and Android, in […]


eBook: All About Coffee is a Fascinating Look at the Worlds Favorite Drink

TweetPrice: $2.99    Score: 9/10    By Sarah Parker When people take a sip of their morning brew, not too many think about the history of coffee or its cultural significance. Whether we realize it or not, there is more than meets the eye with your average cup a’ joe. Learn all there is to know about […]

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