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A Present for Milo is a Truly Interactive Story Book

TweetPrice: $1.99   Score: 10/10   By S. Campbell Written and illustrated by Mike Austin in conjunction with Ruckus Media Group, A Present for Milo is a new interactive childrens’ storybook for iPad. A charming story about a cat-and-mouse chase, A Present for Milo is suitable for children of all ages. While the book itself is reasonably […]


The Conversation Manager – a Marketing Guide for the Internet Age

TweetPrice: $11.99     Score: 9/10    By S. Campbell Published by Lannoo Publishers and authored by Steven Van Belleghem, The Conversation Manager for iPad is an English translation of a recent Dutch best-seller on the subject of business marketing. The Conversation Manager is an innovative, well-written book that encourages a new and modern way of thinking in […]


Discover the Most-Talked About Books in America with CoverCake Books

TweetPrice: Free    Score: 9/10    By S. Campbell CoverCake Books is an innovative new app for iPad which allows avid ebook readers to keep up to date with the latest and most-talked about releases in America. Developed by Node51 LLC, CoverCake Books is akin to a kind of viral video chart for eBooks. The app digs […]


Find the Right Love Using Your iPhone

TweetPrice: $9.99     Score: 8/10     By M. Schusterman Finding love can be difficult, and goodness knows there’s no shortage of advice and “how-tos” and other materials out there on the subject. Right Love, an app designed by Right Relationships, is a book with just such advice from former matchmaker Nancy Pina. The […]


The Book of the Dragon Comes to Life on iPad

TweetPrice: $5.99   Score: 8/10    By S. Campbell The Book of the Dragon is a beautifully illustrated new interactive digital book for the iPad. Created by Argentinian-born fantasy illustrator Ciruelo, The Book of the Dragon is best described as not so much a storybook, but more of an encyclopedic treatise on dragons. The book contains various […]


Personalized Storybook for iPhone: When I Grow Up

TweetPrice: $2.99   Score: 9/10   By M. Schusterman There are already so many storybook apps for kids out there. But do you have one that puts your child in the story? When I Grow Up, an app designed by Inspiring Books, gives your child just that option. Without pictures, you have a cute story about a […]

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