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GazziliWords: Word-By-Word, Game-By-Game

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: GazziliWords: Written and Video iPad App Review Here at the iPhone App Review, we recently took a look at a rather fantastic application aimed at children called GazziliPuzzles by developer GazziliWorld. Today, we’re happening upon a similar title by the same developer: GazziliWords. Like its cousin, the app offers up some […]


Comically Walk and Jump Your Way Around with Fun Steps – Cartoon

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: Fun Steps – Cartoon: Written iPhone App Review Ever imagine what it would be like to walk with sounds of other creatures and objects? Then the Fun Steps – Cartoon app from developer Pocket Scientists is just the perfect app for you! It is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad, […]


Air Hippo: The Fattest, Happiest Claus of All

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: Air Hippo: Written iPhone App Review Are you looking for a nice holiday diversion to take your mind off the impending festivities, moments spent with your family, and generally away from the things you’d rather be doing? If so, then you’re in luck: Air Hippo by developer Oleg Kapitonov offers a […]


Aim for Holiday Fun with Christmas Duck Shooter

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: Christmas Duck Shooter: Written iPhone App Review Christmas Duck Shooter by Detention Apps combines the fun of hunting season with the spirit of the Christmas holidays. Players set out to shoot various flying fowl in this fun game, and a friendly hunting hound dog joins them to prevent the ducks from […]


Garfield Snaps: Easily Add a Cartoon Touch to Your Photos

Tweet  Price: Free Rating: Garfield Snaps: Video and Written iPhone App Review If there’s one thing we can all likely agree on, it’s that Garfield is the coolest cat in the cartoon world. Though he only exists in our imaginations, that doesn’t mean you can’t bring him to life in your own way. Garfield Snaps, […]


HOOPS&YOYO LOOKIN FINE by Hallmark Blasts onto iOS!

Tweet  Price: Free HOOPS&YOYO LOOKIN FINE by Hallmark: Written iPhone App Review Hoops&yoyo, the beloved cartoon duo from card company Hallmark and BareTreeMedia, are back! This time, they are starring in the free app HOOPS&YOYO LOOKIN FINE by Hallmark. It’s a fun-filled app, perfect for the photobomb lover of all ages. Interested? Read on! Features: […]

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