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HowUdish Helps You Stick to Your Diet When Dining Out

Tweet HowUdish: Dieting & Nutrition Price: Free Rating: iPhone App Review by Being on a diet can be challenging, especially when you’re not able to cook for yourself. Finding a decent restaurant that serves food meeting your dietary requirements is now a lot easier. HowUdish is an incredibly useful and easy-to-use app that helps […]


9 of the Absolute Best Free iOS Games of 2017

Tweet 9 of the Absolute Best Free iOS Games of 2017 Whatever type of game you like to while away the hours of your spare time or fill some dead time when on a queue, 2017 has been an outstanding year for new games. The best ones are challenging to play and beautiful to behold. […]


Run!!! is a Challenging Endless Runner That Keeps You Coming Back

Tweet Run!!! Price: Free Rating: iPhone Game Review by Run!!! is an addicting arcade game for iPhone that begs you to keep playing for a better score. Simple controls and unlockable characters make this a great game for everyone. Concept and Gameplay: I’m all for complex and in-depth games, but sometimes the most fun is […]