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Flowkey – Learn Piano summons out your inner piano prodigy and is a great app for anyone looking to learn piano for the first time.

With a free starter package download, users can try out this app with very little initial commitment, if desired.


This is one of those apps that has a name that really sums up its features and provides a great opportunity for anyone looking to brush up on their long-lost piano skills.

Flowkey, by Flowkey gmbH, monitors your practice progression through either MIDI connection or microphone, depending on your keyboard’s capabilities.

The music selection featured in Flowkey ranges from basic, beginning pieces to impressively complicated concert selections.

Additionally, this app features both classical and contemporary music options.In order to get the most out of your Flowkey subscription (or free starter package), I would advise actually getting a real keyboard or piano.

While the app can work with another keyboard based app, to really learn keyboard skills (including finger spacing placement), using an actual keyboard/piano is ideal.

As a whole, this is an excellent app for anyone working to teach themselves the keyboard.

Appearance and Layout:

Flowkey iPhone App Review

Flowkey iPhone App

The layout of Flowkey – Learn Piano is just another of the great things about this app. This app is obviously intentionally designed, created with a layout that makes navigating through Flowkey an incredibly smooth sailing experience.

Starting questions get your account set up at the appropriate keyboard skill level, and figuring out how to personalize your experience as you move through the app is fairly intuitive.  

In-app graphics are beautifully designed as well


While downloading Flowkey is  free, anyone really serious about utilizing the services the app has to offer will probably need to purchase at least one of the subscription service packages offered in the app.

Ranging from monthly options of $20/month to yearly subscriptions of $120/year to a “lifetime” option of $300, how much or how little you wish to invest in your musical ventures is really up to you.

While obviously much more expensive than the average app, the lessons offered through Flowkey are still definitely cheaper than actually paying a private piano tutor.

As a whole, Flowkey is a unique, well designed app that offers users the opportunity to either learn brand new keyboard skills or to improve their already existing skill base.  

download (7)Flowkey – Learn Piano iPhone app requires iOS 8.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

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