9 Most Useful Apps & Tools for College Students That Will Make You Smarter & More Productive

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One of the hardest things for a student to do is to stay motivated and productive. We go through it, hours of sitting around procrastinating, waiting for someone to knock on the door or phone us asking us to come out so we can justify an excuse for leaving our work till a later date.

Unfortunately, the work still needs to be done and it’s even harder to go back to it. Luckily, thanks to the age of technology we live in, there are countless apps and tools we can download and utilise to alleviate our stresses and ease our pains. Here, to make your life a little easier and a lot more productive is my nine productivity and development apps and tools.


To kick start my list, an app/website that can help you know and throughout your life. Dictionary.com allows you to search words and phrases to find the meaning, allowing you to expand your vocabulary, enabling you to write and speak precisely as you mean to. Log on using your computer or download the app for your respective smartphone.

Paper Fellows

This free to sign up online community is packed full of budding writers and writing professionals. Together, this creates a rich online community that can educate and advise you on the best way to approach your writing based situations. Whether you’re looking for advice on format, topic, content, writing style, ways to stay productive or even how to write the first word, Paper Fellows has something for you.


Flashcards have long been used as an effective learning tool to teach us about a subject in short, digestible sizes. Even when you’re in college, flashcards are a fantastic way to effectively learn for an upcoming test. Specifically for iOS devices, Brainstorm allows you to download free or paid flashcards to use right on your phone, covering a whole manner of subjects.


Getting organised is one of the most important aspects of getting things done. If you’ve got an ever-increasing workload and one really simple way just to combine and refer to then Todoist is the app for you. Available on all smartphone devices with seamless syncing to your desktop computer, this is such as a great app to list out your jobs the day and get them done.

Assignment Help

You could spend hours writing a perfect piece of content for your assignment only to hand it in and get a B, maybe even a C. It’s just not fair when the lecturer decides to mark you down just because there’s a typo or a spelling mistake that doesn’t really affect the overall content. To avoid this problem entirely, and to save you from doing it, upload it to Ox Essays where a professional writer can proofread your work for you!


Remember when you used to do mind-maps during your earlier years in school? The reason they used them then was that they’re visual and they work so well. They still work extremely well now! Simply download the software onto your desktop computer and get you organised and on the right path to creativity and increased levels of productivity.


The critically acclaimed king of list apps and productivity booster. Evernote simply must be on this list as it features on every productivity list. Even though at its core Evernote is just a to-do list app, there are so many features seamlessly integrated into the software, it really can change your life.


There’s one thing I do not miss about college would and that is referencing. The bane of my life, I wish had discovered CiteItIn sooner, a piece of free online software that allows you to create outstanding, professional looking references and citations that make your work look and sound incredible.


When researching for information for your assignment you may come across a simple sentence that says exactly what you mean but there’s no way to re-word it. You do this a couple of times in a 10,000-word assignment and you’re more than likely going to be caught out for plagiarism. This can even result in you getting removed from the course. To minimise and eliminate the risk, send off your work to Academized, a custom writing solution that can scan and check your work, editing it so it passes any plagiarism test.



Brenda Berg is a professional with over 15 years experience in business management, marketing and entrepreneurship. Consultant and tutor for college students and entrepreneurs. Self motivated results driven individual who is encouraged to travel around the world and share gained experience in her blog Letsgoandlearn.com


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