5 Splendid App Analytical Tools To Boost Up Your App Business


Mobile App technology is evolving every day with the numerous applications adding in the app store. To compete for the top in today’s rigorous app market conditions you need to be the best in your app category.

There are more than 2 million apps in the Apple App Store fighting to make their permanent identity and space.

With the recent advancement in the mobile app world, some app analytic tools will help you maximize app store search results but some are also built to ensure app quality.

These tools help the developers to analyze certain data with some useful information about the app. Tools allow the developer to know the audience and review some specific stats which helps in increasing engagement and revenue.

Here are list of 5 Mobile App analytic tools with their functionality that will help you be a successful app developer and publisher.


1. Countly

Countly is a well-known app analytical tool used by developers to analyze mobile app performance.

Key Features

  • You will be able to increase engagement with push notifications.
  • It allows you to track by geography, custom events, devices, sessions frequency to precisely analyze key app use data.
  • Detailed data is available without any SQL query with real time crashing report of all platforms.
  • Countly is an open source portal so you can add many plugins which make it more flexible than others.


2.Firebase Analytics

Owned by Google, this analytic tools is free of cost and helps the developers to refine app info.

Key Features

  • Firebase gives you up to 500 event types consisting of 25 attributes for each.
  • It precisely tells the developer which features, push notification, media and content are most effective. You will also know which users are engaging most with run attribution and revenue reporting.
  • It allows you to integrate your data with Bigquery and analyse your own data. You can even create a custom dashboard and manage according to your way.


3.Google Mobile App Analytics

Google mobile app analytics is a terrific tool that you can use for gathering information in order to enhance the app experience.

Key features

  • It gives you all the data regarding users sessions, platforms, geography and devices.
  • You can get critical information to improve your app such as duration of sessions of each user.
  • It also provides you with information like which features are a user using most and which path are they following are also available.



This mobile app analytic tool is one of the best that many developers use to properly optimize their apps.

Key Features

  • Get instant alerts so you can take proactive steps to ensure the reliability of mobile app.
  • Increase user engagement by adding live social media content.
  • You can track active -user activity and other action any way you want.
  • Real -time crashing report with real-time analytics.
  • This tool was originally built by Twitter and was later acquired by Google.



For those who are a bit more ambitious and want to dig deeper to improve their apps, this tool is a must-have. It’s an event based analytical tool that will give you the data about your app that others won’t. After installing the SDK you can manage or custom events and track the data of app.

Key features

  • You can get elementary data regarding user engagement.
  • Delivers you insight into the reasons behind users leaving or abandoning your app.
  • Increase engagement by push notifications and emails.
  • You can create custom audience lists with triggered notifications.


All of these great tools will help you rise to the top and be app development success stories.

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