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StuffSavvy is perfect for anyone wanting to research their old treasures, heirlooms and that weird thing in the basement your grandmother left you. It’s a way to bring the excitement of Antiques Roadshow right to your living room. How cool is that?

While not meant to replace an official appraisal, this app can still provide you with a quick estimate of the value of an item.


If you’ve ever felt less than “savvy” about your collection of “stuff,” this cool app, by Apjam Ltd, is here to help.

Users simply submit a photo of whatever item they are curious about by uploading it to the app. If you like you can also add a self-written description.

A “Savvy Specialist” will then provide you with an emailed, detailed description of the item and its worth within 24 hours; this service costs $4.99 per item inquiry submitted.

Testing out StuffSavvy, I found this “24-hour turnaround to be true; I was emailed once my item was submitted, with a follow-up email soon after that gave me detailed information about the history, estimated retail value, and predicted rarity of my item.

The whole process was seamlessly smooth, and I got the information I wanted in a quick, convenient manner.  

Appearance and Layout:

StuffSavvy iPhone App Review

StuffSavvy iPhone App

Easily my favorite part of this app was its design. StuffSavvy features an incredibly easy to use layout.

First time users should have no difficulty with navigating through this app. Because the intended use of this app is fairly straightforward, the layout of the app is very straightforward as well.

Using the app is really only done for one end of the exchange (when you submit a photo with/without an item description), and all communication regarding the collectable is relayed to you via email.

Because of this, the layout of StuffSavvy is very, very simple to understand.

The example photographs and general graphics of the app are very tastefully chosen, making using StuffSavvy an aesthetically pleasing experience overall.


StuffSavvy is free to download. However, actually utilizing the features of the app costs users about $5 per inquiry, and at that rate, researching a closet full of collectables would certainly add up to a fairly significant fee.

If you’re selective, though, the value of the items will far outweigh the cost of finding out what they’re worth.

Still, for users who wish to sell items but don’t want to take the time to research current prices themselves, StuffSavvy could be a very useful app.

Overall, its features and design are great, and it is extremely useful in the right context.

That being said, the fee associated with finding out about your “stuff” might make you think twice before actually using it for every little thing lying around.

download (4)StuffSavvy requires iOS 9.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

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