Best 7 Mobile Apps for Aspiring Writers


Undoubtedly, your brains are your main weapon. They are in charge of new ideas, inspiration, and even text editing. However, most up-to-date writers use an excellent helper – software that greatly simplifies the work on pieces of any size and helps in finding mistakes and inconsistencies.

Why waste your time on revealing mechanical errors if you can devote it to something much more pleasant? Why not use ready-made templates that greatly simplifies planning? After all, only those people refuse to use technologies who are afraid of them! But you’re not a coward, are you?

Below are the 7 best programs that I’ve been successfully using since I started writing blog and guest posts. If you have a bunch of interesting ideas but don’t know how to arrange them into a coherent whole, these 7 tools are just what you need!

#1 – yWriter5

yWriter5 is a very handy text editor designed exclusively for writers. It allows splitting the plot into chapters and scenes, assigning characters and comments to them. This software is great for structuring large volumes of text. Also, it automatically saves current progress and counts words in chapters and scenes. (Mac,Windows, Linux)

#2 – CELTX

CELTX performs almost the same functions as yWriter, except that it allows you to work not only with textual information but also with graphics, audio, and video. From now, nothing limits your imagination – you can add pictures that depict the characters of your story or insert atmospheric music that you associate with a certain fragment.

The only disadvantage is some difficulties in the perception that may occur with those authors who used to work with standard text editors such as MS Word. (Mac, iOS, Android)

#3 – XMind

XMind is a service for planning, which is suitable not only for writers but also scientists and developers. The program assists in the preparation of the so-called mind maps that help in visualizing ideas and steps to the implementation of these ideas. While working on the product, you will add new elements and build relationship diagrams. The resulting document can be exported in any convenient format – both in text and graphics. (Mac, Windows, Linux)


#4 – Scripts Pro

Scripts Pro is a popular iOS application that supports .FDX and .CELTX files. That’s a great option for those who work on different platforms. Scripts Pro has a nice design, a standard set of scenario tools, synchronization with Cloud or Dropbox, export to PDF, FDX, CELTX and TXT files as well as the ability to send the finished script for printing. The relatively high cost of the application ($13.99) may scare future pen wizards away, but I assure you that this software does worth the money. (Mac, iOS)

#5 – Story Planner

Story Planner is an application to create sketches of scenarios and literary works. This is a very handy tool for planning your story, with which you can safely change the order of scenes and add characters or locations to each episode, thereby creating a nonlinear plot.

The main feature of this app is narration statistics that allows you to calculate the percentage ratio of acts and scenes as well as highlight the most common scenes and estimate the average length of the story. (iOS, Android)

#6 – Storyist

Storyist is a simple and at the same time very useful iOS application that allows authors create various connections between elements so that you’ll never miss any of the characters, an important moment or scene during editing. The software also allows creating reference cards for the organization of a detailed plan (the cards are displayed next to the draft of the script). The cost of the app is $14.99, sadly. (Mac, iOS)


#7 – Write for iPhone

Write for iPhone is an almost free ($1.99) text editor that allows you to quickly capture spontaneous idea, share it on social networks, save to Evernote, Google Drive or CloudApp, and synchronize your notes with popular cloud services or the Write version for Mac. Write for iPhone is a great choice if you do not like to deal with complex menus and prefer a minimalist design. (Mac, iOS)

Be sure to consider these programs – they’re extremely useful and will save you a lot of time! I wish best of luck in your writing endeavors!

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Lucy Adams (lucyadams@buzzessay.comis a blogger and buzz essay writer. The diligent writer is a generalist able to cover a lot of topic from different areas. Apart from writing and blogging, Lucy loves marketing, design, psychology, etc. Feel free to share your ideas and start a mutually beneficial cooperation with this pen master.

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