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ActExs – Action Extracts
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ActExs — Action Extracts is an amazing app that improves your productivity and greatly increases your chance of success.

Easily personalizable to your particular role on a team, ActExs allows users to try out its services for free for a 90 day trial period.


ActExs — Action Extracts’ name really is a clever way to sum up the features offered in the app, by Lean Digital Solutions.

Depending on your role within your work, the specific features of ActExs that you’ll make the most use of will probably vary. For instance, those who identify as “leaders” might need to organize their work and ideas in a manner that also allows them to easily share them with those on their team.

Alternatively, other team members might need to be better organized in their approach to making sure that they’re getting their own tasks done on time, with minimal focus on ensuring the tasks of others within the team are also completed as well.

All users within ActExs are able to annotate documents,  create lists, and keep track of deadlines for work or timelines for meetings.

The organizational system within this app allows users to easily create files and folders with relevant data, either to keep to themselves or to share with others.

ActExs iPhone App Review

ActExs iPhone App

Overall, increasing productivity is the main goal of ActExs, and for anyone who finds that staying organized is a key component to improving daily productivity, ActExs’ features provide you with all of the organizational tools and files editing services that enable you to do just that.

Appearance and Layout:

ActExs is chock full of great features.

While this large number of features might  make navigation difficult in some apps, the designers of ActExs did an impressive job at keeping it well organized, so that getting around the app is totally intuitive.

A tutorial is helpfully provided at first, and this does an excellent job at explaining how to get the most out of your use of the app.

At the same time, the general graphics of ActExs are really what can be expected for an app of its type; the graphics are clean, simple, and get the job done without cluttering up your screen too much.


As mentioned previously, ActExs is free for new users for the first 90 days. Prices for using the service after that are rated on a subscription basis, with the 3 month option available for around $10.

This seems to be a fairly reasonable rate for the services offered through the app even though there are arguably a good number of other organizational apps and tools that do provide similar options,

ActExs sets itself apart from the crowd by offering the advantage of combining all of these tools into one convenient well-designed app.

download (17)ActExs iPhone app requires iOS 9.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

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