Kosmik Revenge is a Classic Shoot’em Up for iPhone & iPad


Kosmik Revenge – Retro Arcade Shoot ‘Em Up
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Kosmik Revenge iPhone Game

Kosmik Revenge iPhone Game

Kosmik Revenge is a terrific arcade game that’s a high-tech take on an old, popular game, Space Invaders.

Developed by RealTekVR,this promising iOS sci-fi shooter looks to launch players into a techno outer space realm.

Featuring HD graphics and multiple levels with waves of enemies to fight off, this game is a winner!


With 8 waves in 5 stages, Kosmik Revenge offers plenty of gameplay fun. Gameplay in Kosmik Revenge is fairly straight-forward. You control a small, pixelated spaceship, zipping back and forth across the screen.

Hordes of enemies appear, sometimes taking up various positions after swooping in, and requiring you to shoot them down. Shooting and moving is done just by tapping and swiping on screen.

It’s really easy to do and feels natural quite quickly (just don’t overdo it on your wrist!). You will encounter a variety of levels and many different enemy types, including exciting boss battles.

Kosmik Revenge iPhone Game

Kosmik Revenge iPhone Game

Kosmik Revenge has both a Challenge Mode and a normal Play mode. The challenge mode feature is great for just hopping into a quick game, while the Play mode allows the user to advance through the various levels, classical gamer style.

Overall, it feels like a very fresh, fun take on an old classic, Space Invaders.

Graphical Layout:

Graphics in Kosmik Revenge are fantastic. They have pixel space ships and obstacles spread out across a HD galaxy. Animations are smooth and fluid, explosions and light effects are impressive, all offering a visual treat, suitable for this Space Invaders-themed mobile game!

The layout is very easy to browse, sharp, and well-designed. The on-screen display makes the whole app feel very professional, complete with a great color scheme that matches this fast-paced sci-fi shooter.


Kosmik Revenge is a fantastic game. Sure, there are many Space Invader-inspired games, with retro themes and fun gameplay, but I would definitely put Kosmik Revenge up near the tops.

The slick graphics combined with fun gameplay is certainly worth the free download, especially if you love this style of fast-paced shoot galactic defense.

Give Kosmik Revenge a whirl today and start blasting through waves of enemies.

qrfree.kaywa.comKosmik Revenge requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It is compatible with Apple TV.

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