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Film Fish – Movie Discovery is a very cool new app that brings the movie discovery service to the convenience of your favorite iOS device.

Available for free through the iTunes Store, this app makes figuring out movie night plans a cinch.


Film Fish – Movie Discovery, by FilmFish LLC, is a film suggestion database, with an important distinction.

Unlike most other movie suggestion services that rely on algorithms and other “scientific” approaches to providing recommendations, this app uses the “original” movie guide concept; Film Fish’s suggestions are all from the advice of other fellow human beings. What a concept!

The app, which was previously rolled out through a website, generates a list of movie suggestions for you, based upon the movie preferences you state.

Sources for streaming the flicks are also listed within the app, ranging from Amazon to Netflix to HBO, etc, allowing you to conveniently find films featured in movie services you already pay for anyways.

Your movie searches for an evening can be based on just about any theme you can think of “Movies about…” and a list of suggestions based on your current theme mood as well as your past preferences is provided.

Appearance and Layout:

Film Fish iPhone App Review

Film Fish iPhone App

While the services provided from Film Fish are definitely worth checking out, the layout of the app could still use some work. Specifically, I found it difficult to locate a way to adjust my list of services that I subscribe to after I created an initial Film Fish account.

Navigating through the movie suggestions within the app is fairly easy to do, once you’ve set-up your account however.

The appearance of the app also adds to its user friendly appeal, with movie suggestions followed by quick blurbs to help you decide whether or not that’s the flick for you that night.   


For the frequent movie-watcher and the occasional film critic alike, this app is a great value.

Although its appearance and layout could probably use a few tweaks, the overall concept of the service provided through Film Fish is an impressive one.

It’s easy to use, and the suggestions provided through the app were actually useful and well suited to personal taste.

While the layout of the app could use some improvements for ease in adjusting account information, these layout issues should not deter you from trying out Film Fish.

download (15)Film Fish requires iOS 8.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

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