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Mars Defence
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If worrying over defending planet earth alone has gotten too mundane, then try out Yahub, Inc.‘s Mars Defence for a new challenge.

Free through the iTunes Store, this fun game keeps things fresh.


For fans of other tower defense games, this is one you have to check out.

Mars Defence is an excellent example of a well-designed, exciting and fun-to-play tower defense game.

Just like its name suggests, your aim in this app is to fend off martian invaders from attacking your mars colony; you do this through building towers and conquering levels, all while unlocking new tools and weapons to help you in your mission.

As a whole this game is wonderfully easy to learn to play; an optional instructional video at the start of the game really breaks down the basic of the app.

Even though your mission throughout the entire game is consistent overall, Mars Defense constantly felt like a fresh challenge as I played it, thanks to the ever changing supply of weapons and invaders as I worked through the levels.

This game brings together all the key aspects of a tower defense game, and does it in a way that makes it fun, exciting and addictive to play. Well done developers!

Appearance and Layout:

Mars Defense iPhone App Review

Mars Defence iPhone Game

Trying out a new game can often make you feel pretty lost. Fortunately, this isn’t a problem in Mars Defence.

It’s a really intuitive game layout, so players will waste minimal time learning how to navigate through the app. At the same time, however, the graphic detail of Mars Defense is somewhat lacking.

While it’s understood that this is a free game with pretty basic graphics, it still would be appreciated to have a little more character thrown into the visual display of the game.

Still, the graphics of this app are arguably perfectly functional, and a lack of great detail doesn’t really detract from the overall fun of the game too much.


As mentioned before, this is a free game, and for that “price” it definitely has a lot to offer.

Mars Defence might not have the most exciting graphics, but other than that it has just about everything you want in a new game: fun storyline, affordable price tag, easy to navigate layout, and helpful instructional tutorial to start off.

The in-app variety makes you really feel like the developers were very intentional in their design of the game. Overall, Mars Defence is a solid addition to your favorite iOS device.

download (14)Mars Defence iPhone app requires iOS 8.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

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