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Bogga Jewel
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Bogga Jewel is the latest installment in the Bogga game series and quite possibly the best one yet.

Aimed for children ages 6+, Bogga Jewel challenges kids to think about keeping their world clean while also playing a game fun and lighthearted.


Whether your children are ardent fans of the Bogga games series or if Bogga Jewel, from BoggaTap, is an entirely new idea to them, this app is sure to please.

Bogga Jewel uses simple arrow button commands to control your Bogga player as they work to rid the ocean of litter. Successfully pulling up different items leads to unlocking different exciting prizes to collect.

However, even though Bogga Jewel aimed at audiences 6+, there is actually a good bit of variation within the app, allowing for children even a little younger to enjoy it as well.

Specifically, players can choose to focus on successfully using all their different fishing lines to pull in the trash, or they can choose to focus more on using their “treasures” to recycle them into beautiful unique designs of their own crafting, including their own “sticker books.”

Because of this versatility, it’s easy to see Bogga Jewel appealing to little ones of a range of ages.

Appearance and Layout:

Bogga Jewel iPhone App Review

Bogga Jewel iPhone Game

Just like the other games in the Bogga series, Bogga Jewel’s graphics are perfect for its target audience.

The characters are friendly and fun, and the colors are appropriately bright. With a target audience at such a relatively young age, the care taken into creating well done graphics for this app is actually pretty impressive and from the results we can say with confidence that no shortcuts were taken.

Getting around Bogga Jewel is equally well done. Being able to read isn’t really a requirement for figuring out how to play and how to navigate through the app. This is key as it means that its target audience can probably play this game with little need to constantly be asking their parents “how-to” questions.


As listed above, Bogga Jewel is $2.99 through the iTunes Store. At almost $3, this app is certainly one of the pricier games out today (when compared with the many free options available).

However, Bogga Jewel does offer parents the comfort of knowing that their child is playing a “safe” game, one free of any unwanted pop-ups, advertisements, or unexpected in-app purchases.

For this reason alone, many parents might consider the initial investment fee for this app well worth it.

Overall, Bogga Jewel delivers on the promise of a “safe”, fun and entirely child-friendly experience.

download (3)Bogga Jewel requires iOS 6.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

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