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Car Maintenance, Gas Log, & Reminder Manager
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AUTOsist’s Car Maintenance, Gas Log, & Reminder Manager is a well designed intuitive app that takes the difficulty out of maintaining an up-to-date vehicle maintenance log.

Offered for free (with optional for-pay account add-ons), this app works to keep you organized.


If there ever was an app whose features are summed up in its name, this app would be it.

Car Maintenance, Gas Log, & Reminder Manager leaves no need to guess what this app can do for you, as it’s really all mentioned in its name. Creating a one-car account on this app is free, and the app’s contents are all hosted via a cloudspace compatible with multiple systems (iOS, Android, general internet, etc.) that allows you the convenience of being able to access your info just about anywhere.

The data you decide to input is really all up to your own discretion; while I found the app most practical for keeping track of things like oil changes and tire rotation records, other users might want to upload gas mileage or other more day to day vehicle-related purchases as well.

In addition to providing a single location for all your maintenance records, the app can also be used to send you upkeep reminders, as well as to transfer vehicle data to other app users if wanted.

Records for more than one vehicle can also be stored within the app if needed. However, it should be mentioned that while the app does offer all of these features, the free version is limited in what users are able to access through it.

Appearance and Layout:

iPhone App Review

AUTOsist iPhone App Review

Perhaps one of the best features of this app is its easy to use layout.

Car Maintenance, Gas Log, & Reminder Manager is promised to simplify your auto record needs, and the easy to navigate design of the app really helps it to deliver on that promise.

Even on my first time using it I found that the design was very intuitive; it’s just a really easy to access, organized storage base for vehicle upkeep information.

The graphics of the app also are a plus; they’re simple, clean, and yet just cheerfully enough colored to keep you feeling like even the mundane task of inputting oil change info isn’t so bad after all.


As mentioned previously, this is a free app through AUTOsist. However, this free account is somewhat limited compared to what a for-pay account can offer you. Free accounts have limited cloud storage space (which could become an issue if you’re having to choose what info to store or ignore) and can only be used to keep data on one vehicle at a time.

Still, for what’s offered for free, this app definitely offers great value and at a minimum lets you evaluate the app to see if it’s right for you.

The in-app purchases for additional features, however, are certainly on the pricier side (with prices going up to around $20). That said, we would expect owners of multiple vehicles, such as fleet owners, to find these fees well worth it. Individual users, however, may think twice about paying these prices.

download (13)Car Maintenance, Gas Log & Reminder Manager iPhone app requires iOS 6.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

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