Intro to Revel POS QSR Lets Restaurant Owners Control Every Aspect of Business


Intro to Revel POS QSR
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Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

In the ever-changing world of the restaurant business, new technology is always hitting the market. Whether it’s aimed towards increasing productivity, managing your employees, or becoming the financial hub of your business, you always have tons of choices if you’re a business owner.

Intro to Revel POS QSR is the incredible go-to app for your restaurant.

Created by Revel Systems iPad POS, this all-in-one iPad app lets you take orders, accept payment, and even manage payroll. The software is trusted by numerous brands such as Cinnabon, Popeyes, and others.

Concept and Functionality:

One thing I want to mention before delving into my review of Intro to Revel POS QSR is that I couldn’t actually take the app for the in-depth test drive that I’m used to doing. This is because you need an account with the app, and that means being part of an actual restaurant. Unfortunately everything I’m basing this review on comes from the demo and personal research.

Intro to Revel POS QSR hails from a family of apps that are designed to help businesses with every single aspect their industry. Revel certainly knows what they’re doing when it comes to creating business-related software for processing orders and payments. This particular app is geared towards quick service eateries (fast food) where menu items are fairly cut-and-dried.

Naturally an app like Intro to Revel POS QSR takes a bit of time to set up once you’ve invested in the software, but it’s time well spent. You have the ability to customize everything to your liking, including payment methods and item modifiers.

Revel was even named the best iPad POS system by TopTenReviews, so business owners can feel confident that they’re investing in software that’s well-known in the industry.


Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Intro to Revel POS QSR iPad App

Usually I’m weary of apps that promise to do so many different things because they end up being too spread out.

I’m happy to say I found this app to be just the opposite.

Intro to Revel POS QSR is simple enough to navigate easily, but robust enough to allow business owners to solely rely on the software.

For example, business owners can use the Revel system to create loyalty programs, manage inventory, track sales data, manage payroll, and so much more.

One of the main features of Intro to Revel POS QSR is the ability to continue functioning even if the internet goes down; the app will simply sync data to the cloud once everything is back online.


Intro to Revel POS QSR is available to download from the App Store for free and is compatible with iPad. The Revel POS system requires a subscription, and the price is completely dependent on your needs.

Overall, Intro to Revel POS QSR is an incredible app that will certainly give business owners an advantage. It’s backed up by a world-renowned company that has earned quite the reputation in the market, so you know you’re putting your faith in a great product.

Intro to Revel POS QSRrevel_pos_qsr.jpg requires iOS 8.0 or later and is compatible with iPad.

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  1. Paul says:

    Revel systems is a great POS. But if your looking for a great restaurant POS and want to save thousands you may want to consider Rezku POS.

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